A Wrestling Fan's Rant: Just Saying What I Feel

Michael WollinCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

I have been a part of the b/r wrestling community for over a month now and I see a lot of writers who consider themselves as "Smart" wrestling fans. A lot of the writers on here dissect every wrestler, match, and storyline and tell you why it sucks and why their opinion counts.

I have been like that before I even came to b/r and joined the wrestling community. I started to forget why I watched it and started to dissect it and not find any entertainment in it.

I've seen writers just bash everything that the WWE and TNA do, and just by reading their articles, it seems they have lost the reason why they watched wrestling to begin with. They don't see it as entertaining anymore.

After reading these articles, I was blown away at their detest of what's happening in wrestling right now. So I stopped criticizing, and passing judgement on every little thing that happened, and just watched. When I did that, I was actually entertained by what I saw.

Some of it was bad and wasn't that entertaining, but when I stopped being a critic and went back into being a fan of wrestling, the show was better.

If you're one of those people that just can't find any entertainment anymore in pro wrestling, then turn it off and quit watching it. Quit ruining it for other pro wrestling fans like me and others that just want to be fans.

I know of some friends that have done that and have never looked back, and some, when they asked me what was going on, they turned it back on and became fans again.

It seems that some have forgotten that pro wrestling is sports entertainment and not real competition. If you want to see wrestling on a competitive level, I suggest that you go and find out when the next open freestyle wrestling tournament is or by going to see your local high school team (even though there season is over) and watching what real competition is.

Trust me, I used to be a high school wrestler and there is, in my opinion, no other high school sport that is competitive as that. I have the injuries to prove it.

Thanks for reading my rant, if it made any sense.