WWE Extreme Rules: What's Next for The Rock and Brock Lesnar After WrestleMania?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

The Rock may have lost, but he could appear at Extreme Rules for a rematch.
The Rock may have lost, but he could appear at Extreme Rules for a rematch.Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

At WrestleMania 29, the WWE fans witnessed two interesting events taking place.

Brock Lesnar lost to Triple H after taking a Pedigree on the steel steps. Triple H still has a career after WrestleMania.

The Rock lost to John Cena and thereby the WWE title. Despite a valiant effort and three Rockbottoms, Rock failed in the main event and didn’t win the big one. He had his eye on the prize but it slipped away.

It looks like it’s the end at the moment for Lesnar and Rock...not so fast.

According to The Wrestling Observer (via Wrestling News Source), both Superstars are scheduled to at least appear at Extreme Rules. The reasoning behind their bookings is that CM Punk is not advertised to appear. While both are not scheduled to main-event together, they’ll make an appearance at the WWE’s next pay-per-view.

What does that mean for both men? What’s next for The Rock and Brock Lesnar?

It sets up potential rematches, or it could start something new. After their WrestleMania matches, both should seek more from their WrestleMania opponents.

Maybe Rock has the rematch clause and wants Cena one more time. The same can be said for Brock Lesnar. Lesnar’s dates in his contract, though, limit him in regard to consecutive appearances. It wouldn’t make sense for Lesnar to demand a rematch or even create a new feud.

Maybe they aren’t booked for matches, however. It’s not clear if Rock and/or Lesnar will show up to wrestle. Perhaps they'll just make an appearance and wreak havoc at Extreme Rules.

Both men have done that before, in the same year. The Rock interfered in Triple H’s championship match against Undertaker in 2002’s King of The Ring. Lesnar helped Kurt Angle beat the Big Show at 2002’s Armageddon.

Since every match should have a stipulation, expect The Rock and Brock Lesnar to seek revenge. It enhances their characters and makes the fallout from WrestleMania 29 so much more significant.

Lesnar might get revenge on Shawn Michaels, who hit the Sweet Chin Music kick on Paul Heyman during his match. 

Another option could be tag team matches. Maybe Lesnar teams up against Triple H or Cena. Maybe The Rock joins forces with Cena to take on The Shield. That would make sense with both wrestlers giving each other respect after their rematch.

Regardless, Extreme Rules just got interesting, all thanks to the inescapable presence of The Rock and Brock Lesnar.