The Rock Must Lose WrestleMania 29 Rematch to John Cena at Extreme Rules

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 16: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson attends a press conference to announce that MetLife Stadium will host WWE Wrestlemania 29 in 2013 at MetLife Stadium on February 16, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images)
Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

When The Rock lost his WWE Championship to John Cena in the main event of Sunday’s WrestleMania 29, it was clear that there should be one final chapter in this storied feud.

For the sake of every member of the WWE Universe, this rematch needs to happen at Extreme Rules—and The Rock must lose.

When The Rock took the pin against Cena Sunday night and lost his championship, it was a representation of the passing of the torch from the previous face of the WWE (The Rock) to the current face of the company (Cena).

Allowing Cena to pick up another win over The Rock cements the torch passing.

Cena spent the last year being built to look weaker than normal—failing to cash in Money in the Bank, losing to Dolph Ziggler and failing to beat The Rock at WrestleMania 28—and a return to dominance with the WWE Championship is exactly what his character needed.

Adding in a final chapter with The Rock that sees Cena walk away with the win once again would settle this feud once and for all.

As much as this would avoid dragging this battle out any further, there have been questions about The Rock’s status for the upcoming pay-per-views.

While there were doubts about whether or not The Rock could be bothered to work a secondary show not on the road to WrestleMania, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc.), the former champion is scheduled to wrestle in May:

WWE is booking both The Rock and Brock Lesnar for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view because CM Punk will likely be missing the event. There are incorrect reports going around that Rock vs. Brock is scheduled to main event Extreme Rules. Both will be there but there's no word yet on who they will be wrestling.

The lack of Punk would explain the WWE’s desire and need to bring back The Rock, but while he is scheduled to be on the card, the reaction from the crowd at MetLife Stadium Sunday should prove that this feud must end.

Cena is still the No. 1 wrestler in the company in terms of fiscal value, but the ever-growing lack of support he has received from the crowd is starting to cloud the line between his straight-laced character and a possible heel turn.

A clean win over The Rock at the PPV immediately following WrestleMania would answer all the doubters and successfully turn the page on this battle.

Cena is a face, and there will be no heel turn coming.

Beating The Rock again would allow Cena to begin feuding with other top stars and The Rock could start to fulfill the other dream feuds while he’s still around.

Namely Brock Lesnar…


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