WrestleMania 29 Results: Has WrestleMania XXIX Set the Tone for the Year?

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 9, 2013


Want to know what the tone of the WWE will be after WrestleMania? Look no further than Monday Night Raw. 

Based on what we saw Monday night, should I feel a bit pissed I plunked down money to see the pay-per-view that left me angry, lost, a little empty and wanting more? 

I got more Monday night. I got more in the first hour of the Raw than I got in the entire four hours of coverage in New Jersey.

While the tone of this article may be a little harsh (it should be after what we saw Sunday night in New Jersey), I am still trying to grasp what really happened at wrestling’s signature event.

The boys over at TNA must be laughing their butts off, because Slammiversary is only eight weeks away and it will be the most-hyped pay-per-view for them. Vince McMahon may be the king of the king, but the TNA folks know how to promote a pay-per-view event.

But they cannot follow up a pay-per-view like we saw last night. And we didn't have to bask in the joy of having John Cena as our WWE Champion again. Yes, it’s been over a year since our savior has held the WWE gold around his waist, but the way he won the title was uneventful. He acted disenchanted in the match, did not sell it like he should and yes, The Rock carried his candy ass in the ring. 

Putting him in a match against Mark Henry immediately was a stroke of brilliance.

“Twice in a Lifetime” needs to end now and it should based on the fact The Rock was injured at the event. Also, a "Shell Shock" from Ryback spoke volumes about how the WWE may go about getting the WWE Title around the waist of the "Big Hungry."

Thank goodness the actions we saw last night are not what we are to endure over the course of the next eight months. We have a new World Champion now that Dolph Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract. We also have a new Intercontinental Champion because Wade Barrett won back the title he lost from The Miz.

Hopefully, we won't be relegated to return match after return match, continuations of Sheamus and some faction versus The Shield? When does Randy Orton show his true favorite color is black and walks over the line? Can it be that Big Show was the pawn in all of this all along? Since we saw all three in the ring Monday night, it would appear, Orton and Show will be battling at Extreme Rules.

The three-letter company of wrestling has continued to disappoint as of late. Feuds that do not end, matches that make no sense, titles that should change hands and don’t. Where is the Vince McMahon of old and who replaced him of late? Does Triple H really think having Shawn Michaels at ringside the way he was Sunday night really sell tickets?

Hopefully that was the end of the Lesnar/HHH war. 

When the concept for WrestleMania was born, it teetered on the end of unreason. It has new ideas, glitz, glamor and celebrities.  McMahon took chances, and we as fans were awed by it. Jim Crockett, Vern Gagne, Fritz Von Erich and others could not compete and left the building. Now, there is no one left to chase out of the arena, Vince his fighting himself…and he is losing.

It’s pretty bad when you are kicking your own ass with a bad product and cannot fix it in mid-fight. Maybe Monday night a lot toward fixing that problem. 

And kudos to the crowd on Raw, which was much louder it would seem than the crowd at MetLife Stadium.

But will the momentum continue from Monday Night? What happens at Extreme Rules? Does SummerSlam get watered down as well? 

I’d like to teach the WWE a thing or two about momentum— you know, the thing McMahon used to hold in his hand like they were Eric Bischoff’s stones and he would squeeze them each week on Monday night.

If I could ask for my money back from Sunday night, I would. At times, it hurt to watch the event, which makes me sad. If this is what sets the tone for the company for the next eight months, then the WWE might as well be on life support. We need a crash cart and another nurse to help revive it.

Seeing The Undertaker on Raw and addressing the crowd was epic. Seeing The Shield try to challenge The Undertaker was memorable. Seeing Kane and Daniel Bryan (who should challenge Ziggler for the World Title) join the Dead Man in the ring was priceless. 

WrestleMania could have easily been the biggest event of the year by doing a few simple things that would have changed the landscape of the WWE.

I’m glad we saw a great match between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. it will help with Lesnar getting over even more as the company’s top heel. I am also glad Undertaker and CM Punk delivered and the streak is still intact. But in reality, the only thing that mattered was that John Cena got his redemption and he looked like an idiot in the process. The WWE, I assume, isn’t too concerned with it. After all, their cash cow got over again and in the end that’s the only thing that matters.

And here I was thinking wrestling was the thing that mattered. I was certainly and sadly mistaken. Or at least it did not matter Sunday night because Monday night bailed the WWE out.