WWE WrestleMania 29 Review: Ryback vs. Mark Henry Unworthy of WrestleMania Card

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIApril 8, 2013

Ryback and Mark Henry went head-to-head at WrestleMania 29 and it was ROUGH. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Ryback and Mark Henry went head-to-head at WrestleMania 29 and it was ROUGH. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Mark Henry took home a victory from WrestleMania 29 over Ryback...if you can even call what they did a match. 

The "match" between Henry and Ryback was rough. They looked like two big bears in the ring stumbling around, wildly swinging with a few lucky shots thrown in. The ending of the actual match looked more like an accident than anything else. Ryback had him up for a Shellshock and Henry fell on him...the end. 

This match really had nothing going for it. The only real spot came after Ryback was beat by Henry falling on him and laid him out with a Shellshock anyway. 

This match had bad action in the ring and doesn't really give the WWE anywhere to go with the feud. Now Ryback, a man who is supposed to be one of the most dominant Superstars in the WWE, lost ANOTHER pay-per-view match, this time on the largest stage in the business. Hitting a Shellshock after getting pinned might make you look strong, but again, he lost. You can't become the new face of the business if you can't show up on the biggest stage of them all. 

This match looked more like a Raw or SmackDown match than a match at the biggest pay-per-view of the year. It didn't have any of the crazy moments or impressive moves that fans come to expect when they sit down to watch WrestleMania. This match didn't even have a real finisher until after the bell! 

If the goal of this match was to have Ryback get his WrestleMania moment and look like a monster, the WWE failed. He got beat down throughout the entire match and got beat by being fallen on. 

Obviously every match can't be a five-star affair. We aren't going to get Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels quality in every single match on the card, but if the WWE is going to think about running out two big men on its biggest pay-per-view of the year again, it may want to think twice. 

Ryback and Mark Henry have both shown they can perform in the ring, but this big man against big man matchup just didn't come together in the ring. Unfortunately for Vince McMahon and the WWE, it left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of fans who watched WrestleMania expecting great matches.