John Cena vs the Rock Results: Highlights, Recap and Review from Wrestlemania 29

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 7, 2013

image from WrestleMania 29 on @BrianMazique on Twitter
image from WrestleMania 29 on @BrianMazique on Twitter

John Cena is an 11-time WWE champion after a long, boring match.

The match had its share of momentum shifts, but all in all, it wasn't on par with Undertaker vs. CM Punk or Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar.

If you saw Cena-Rock at WrestleMania 28, this was pretty much the same thing, only more over-the-top, and this time Cena won.

If there were ever an instance where kicking out of finishing moves was abused, it was in this match. I lost count of the times Cena fought off defeat after the Great One landed his finisher.

It really became laughable after a while and unappealing. There weren't very many highlights in my eyes, but here is a GIF of the decisive sequence, and the best moments with my own spirited narrative...I'm kidding.



The Rock Counters the Attitude Adjustment

Cena had the Rock setup for the AA—as if that mattered in this match—but The Rock powered out and turned it into one of the multiple Rock Bottoms he would land.

I wish it was exciting, but honestly it wasn't.


Cena Catches the Rock and Hoists the Rock for a Failed AA Attempt

We've seen Cena pull off the move where he catches his opponent in a cross body pose, and then lifts them over his shoulders for the AA.

The Rock is a bigger man, so seeing him pull the move on Sunday was impressive, but it was countered and that somewhat dulled the effect of the move.


The Rock Tries to Make the WWE Universe Love Cena

The more the WWE tries to put Cena over, the more older fans will rebel.

The Rock tried to show the sportsmanship that you would expect when two faces square off, but the crowd still booed as if he was trying to endorse Adolf Hitler.


Grading the Match

The pace was too slow, and there were too many reversals and kick outs. This type of action is exactly why people hate Cena, and obviously the WWE is fine with that.

I fully expected Cena to win, but I hoped the action would be better—or at least different from their match at WrestleMania 28.

It wasn't and it left a bitter taste after what was otherwise a pretty sweet pay-per-view. This is the look I had on my face after the match was over.

I grade this match a C-.


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