Brett Favre Story Time From NFL Films

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Brett Favre Story Time From NFL Films
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

With the economy in the worst recession in memory, NFL Film sits atop a gold mine.

Sixteen—no 17—years of Brett Favre game film in the vault.

This is our first year with no Favre. Some fans are experiencing depression and withdrawal but know it isn't right to get him back to play.

So, NFL films, make my day.

I came upon this idea while watching a tape of the 1992 game in which Favre replaced Majik, the Packers' starting quarterback.

Early in the game, the announcers remarked that Green Bay was "just not that good of a team."

Once Brett came in and he led the team on a scoring drive down the field, the announcers gushed: "Can you feel a new energy in this team? Can you see the crowd is energized? What do we have here in this kid, Brett Favre?"

It happened that fast.

I had not remembered how bad the Packers were before Favre played, nor how exciting it became once his streak started.

Brett doesn't belong in some booth doing a play-by-play of today's players.

So, how about a weekly show—"Favre on Favre."

How about a play-by-play of his own games? He's got 291 NFL games to pick from.

No, even better, we watch Brett play (most likely with the Packers) and then in a TV break Brett Favre and, say, Steve Marucci, tell stories and anecdotes about that time.

Like "Dinner and a Movie" only "A Game and a Story." Think of the advertising revenue.

We have a whole generation of Favre fans who actually missed the beginning—they were busy learning to walk.

Let's see some of those great Packer games. I know they have 10 on DVD, but Brett has 16 years from which to choose. 291 starts in the NFL. If the show is once a week, it should be able to run a couple years.

I'd like to see any of his games from the Golden Eagles at Southern Miss, too. Brett can pick those that have a good story.

NFL Films presents: Favre on Favre.

I'll be watching.

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