WWE WrestleMania XXIX: What We Learned from This Year's Big Event

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 7, 2013

WWE WrestleMania XXIX: What We Learned from This Year's Big Event

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    Welcome to WRESTLEMANIA!!!

    On a night where we saw titles change, the COO of the company remain an active member of the WWE and John Cena doing what we all thought would happen, the WrestleMania pay-per-view was not the greatest of all time, but it certainly was not the worst.

    Cena's win was not the greatest and the match was certainly not special. It was average and Cena looked like he was just going through the motions at times. Yes, a heel change would have been great.

    A mediocre event is a fair assessment.

    But we still have a streak intact and the World Title match may have been the best match of the night.

    Now comes the aftermath. Now comes the questions about why Dolph Ziggler was gold-less again at a pay-per-view. Questions about how The Big Show goes forward with Sheamus and Randy Orton? All that and a lot more.

    Here is what we learned from tonight's pay-per-view in New Jersey.

Trish Stratus Is Still Hotter Than Ever

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    Taking a break from the festivities of the night (before they start), we look to Saturday night and Trish Stratus at the Hall of Fame introduction.

    Stratus, the WWE's only female inductee this year, was stunning and then she dropped a bombshell on us that she is EXPECTING. Wow!

    Now that there will be no further discussion of "Stratusfaction" coming back to the WWE any time soon, we can all enjoy the memories of one of the company's hottest divas ever.

Great Way to Start the Show

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    Ric Flair must be smiling. It was not 18 seconds, it did not have the same sentiment, but The Miz is now the Intercontinental Champion. 

    What does this mean for the champion? Does it mean a run toward the World Title? What does it mean for Wade Barrett? Can a loss be a good thing for Barrett? Does this mean he will now get a World Title push much like others like Shawn Michaels, The Rock and Steve Austin have gotten in the past?

    We all shall see.

Jim Ross Sounded Great

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    The PreShow was unique in how it was delivered. Having Dusty Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and Jim Ross at the preview table was great.

    Ross sounded on point and like his old self. For a while, over the past year, Ross sounded on point, confident and back to the golden voice that was once the greatest of all time. 

    Hopefully this means there will be more of these spots to come. Ross is still amazing.

Chris Christie's Introduction Was Pretty Cool

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    I was expecting to hear Vince McMahon give the introduction, but the spot was done well, with support of the Sandy Relief efforts.

    So much was written about how "Coming Home" was significant for the WWE. It was more significant for the people of the Northeast coast.

    Well played, WWE. Well played.

Orton Costs Team the Victory

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    Just like JBL said, The Shield could be the best three-man team of all time. The match with Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show was great. All three sold for the newcomers.

    Three egos, as JBL said, cannot always work well together. The Shield only wants to be a team. Sheamus was reaching to tag Big Show, and Orton tagged himself in to face his opponents. Big Show thought the tag should have been made to him, the fresher man.

    Now we will see what happens with Big Show remaining a heel and what happens with the "change" by Randy Orton. 

    Does an Orton/Big Show feud appear to be on the horizon? Extreme Rules is coming up.


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    I have to admit, Ryback and Mark Henry was better than I thought.

    And when Ryback went to finish it, Henry flattened him-- literally! 

    This is a match that will be seen again, for sure. Henry got the win, but Ryback delivered a spinebuster and then Shell Shock.

    We may never see something like that again.

Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan Need to Feud

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    I think this is a feud that could be as good as Bryan and CM Punk was last year.

    The WWE is looking for feuds that could define the company for the next five years. This could be one of them.

    Team Hell No won the tag team match, Ziggler did not get a chance to win two titles and this is a feud we should see more of as the year progresses. 

    This tag team really is one of the better ones in the WWE of all time.

Fandango Wins

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    Jericho put the newcomer over.

    Jericho dominated most of the match and in the end, Fandango won in his WrestleMania debut.

    I thought this might be one of the better matches of the night, but in all honesty, there were major misses in this match, including the Lionsault. 

    Fandango needed to get over, but the match, in my opinion, was weak. If the two continue their feud toward Extreme Rules, will the next match be better? Also, does this mean Jericho goes on hiatus again?

Zeb Colter Keeps the Fires Burning

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    I know we talk about how great Paul Heyman is, but have we seen a manager or "consultant" who pisses off more people than Zeb Colter? He is an equal-opportunity offender.

    Colter is a throwback to managers who really got under skin of the wrestlers and the fans. Lou Albano and Paul Jones come to mind.

    At one point, the WWE will get away from Colter and his comments, which means the WWE will lose a piece of an angle that although offensive, is very effective.

Move for Move

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    I was actually impressed with the Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger match. Move for move and hold for hold. This was a match I was not looking forward to. 

    But it did deliver. 

    Take away the outside interference, it was pretty good. These two styles were great complements, but Del Rio was able to retain his belt.

    The ending was a bit contrived, it was decent. I am sure this is the type of match we will see move toward Extreme Rules in a No Holds Barred Match.

Great Entrances

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    It was great to see "Living Colour" for the entrance to CM Punk. But nothing beats the opening entrance of the The Undertaker.


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    It had its moments. I really thought the urn would be the reason Undertaker lost this match.

    Both Punk and Undertaker delivered. We saw old-school moves. We saw Undertaker get hammered. We even saw Punk kick out of the tombstone piledriver.

    We saw a pretty good match. We saw why The Undertaker is awesome. 21-0. And he got back the urn.

    Watching the match and seeing him walk back up the ramp makes me really appreciate how great a performer he really is.

What a Fight

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    It would have been better had Shawn Michaels somehow delivered Sweet Chin Music to Triple H. But in the end we got a 45-minute match that was so much better than SummerSlam.

    Triple H looked better. Brock Lesnar sold it better and Shawn Michaels looked the part of the scared wrestler. It was a great source of entertainment. Now, we get to see what happens with the storyline, which should end.

    What happens with Paul Heyman and his hatred for the McMahon family? Who now becomes the interest of Lesnar? Please let it be The Rock.

Heel Turn Not

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    He won. John Cena beat The Rock. It was cheesy. It was a little flashy and I really thought for sure that we would see a heel turn during some of the segments tonight.

    Cena got redemption, thanked The Rock in the ring and then went about his business, giving The Great One a moment in the sun.

    I assume (I know not to say that) this is the last run for The Rock, unless the WWE decides to have this finished at Extreme Rules. If not, then there are a myriad of wrestlers who could step up.

    Either way, this is Cena's world. The WWE wanted it that way.