Jim Boeheim Video: Watch Syracuse Coach Snap at Gregg Doyel in Final 4 Presser

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IApril 7, 2013

Whenever Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim does decide to retire, one thing he's probably not going to miss is getting into verbal clashes with reporters at press conferences.

Boeheim, who called ESPN's Andy Katz an "idiot" and a "disloyal person" after Syracuse's loss to Connecticut on Feb. 13, traded barbs with Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com after Syracuse's loss to Michigan in the Final Four on Saturday.

With Syracuse moving to the ACC next season, there has been speculation that Boeheim might retire. Doyel asked the 68-year-old when he would announce if he would return next season. Boeheim didn't like that.

Boeheim replied, "Why would you ask that question? I expect it from you. I know you." 

Shots fired. Disrespect intended.

Doyel fired back, saying, "I ask 19-year-old kids that same question, and they handle it better than you are."

Both proceeded to insult each other's intelligence, before Boeheim said, "I've never indicated at any time that I'm not coming back next year—ever."

What isn't present in the video is that both eventually made up (per USA Today), but the early fireworks reminded everyone just how testy Boeheim can get at press conferences.

It probably didn't help that Doyel asked him a retirement question after Boeheim had just seen his kids lose a heartbreaker, one step from the national championship game. The wrong place, wrong time.

I have a feeling that down the road—when Boeheim reminisces about his days as Syracuse's coach—he's going to look back at these moments fondly.

Or not.