The Boston Celtics Keeping a Glimmer of Hope Alive

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The Boston Celtics Keeping a Glimmer of Hope Alive
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You know the story. Kevin Garnett is out for the playoffs, and therefore we will not be winning another NBA title. That's a fact, it's already been written in stone. Or maybe it hasn't.

Every NBA analyst in the country has predicted that the reigning champs will lose in the 2nd round, or if their lucky, in the eastern conference finals. That's understandable. Without KG, the Celtics have gone from a great team to a good team, to a team that is not as talented or as deep as both the Cavaliers and the Lakers.

Globe writers Bob Ryan and Dan Shaugnessy haven't just predicted that the Celtics will lose in the playoffs, they've declared it as a fact. These Boston writers have given up all their hope, but Celtics fans need to keep it alive.

Think about all the good playoffs teams who remain a level below the elites-teams like the Blazers, Magic, Hawks, Nuggets, Hornets etc. Do you think their sportswriters' opened up their playoff coverage by declaring that their team won't be winning the NBA finals?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure the Celtics won't win another championship this year, I'd be stupid to say I thought that.

But maybe there's still a chance that they will. Celtics fans aren't keeping their hopes up this year because we know we will lose, we keep them up because there's always a chance that we can win.

You never know with the NBA, and no team is so far above of Boston that I can't imagine us beating them with some luck on our side. So here it is: we will probably not win another title this year. Probably not. But don't give up yet, have faith, and it might surprise you have far your Celtics can go.

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