20 of the Most Infamous Moments in MMA History, Part I

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20 of the Most Infamous Moments in MMA History, Part I

Perhaps it is nothing more than inevitability that a sport acquires some moments of infamy as it grows large, acquiring new fans and spreading to new countries.

But there may be more to it than simple growing pains when considering the sport of MMA. After all, it was born in infamy, the bastard child of professional boxing and WWF, and was considered a gimmick run wild until running straight into the open arms of legitimacy and respect.

It really seems only natural that coming out of the darkness of the cupboard under the stairs, MMA has stumbled at times and fallen at others. In fact, it’s a testimony to the sport that it has risen as high as it has (and threatens to go even higher) while still wearing the armor of older days, nicked and scratched and damaged as it is.

Still, it is good to remember those “bad” times, if for no other reason than it helps us appreciate when times are good.

So here is Part 1 of a look at 20 of the most infamous moments in MMA history.

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