ElHafiz's War Room Chatter...Where Do We Go Now?

Jay HavisContributor IApril 20, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 19:  An NFL Films photographer wears a brown vest with the NFL shield logo during play against the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on October 19, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Ok, so we are only a few days away from the NFL Amateur Draft...You've watched your team on the NFL Network, criticized their EVERY move and have even cursed out your Front Offices for not making the appropriate changes or not even making changes at all! (I read the message boards, people.)

So, I've compiled a few teams that I simply ask, "Where do you go now?"

1. St. Louis Rams- So, what you've released your greatest WR and perennial Pro Bowl T in Torry Holt and Orlando Pace, respectively. You've still got a porous "D", a mediocre offense and and a monster at RB named Stephen Jackson aka "Predator", so you will be OK, right? 

Where do you go now: Do you go with an offensive Lineman to replace Pace, so that Bulger doesn't get killed or do you try and find a new weapon to team with "Predator"? Let me know St. Louis fans!

2. Cincinnati Bengals- You let your best receiver go to Seattle ? Yes, SEATTLE...TJ was your best option, regardless of the fact that Carson Palmer was ineffective and hurt most of last season, then you let your Pro Bowl T leave for Philly ( Yes!, sorry) and now Chad Ocho is half way out the door....something isn't sitting right in the 'Nati!

Is Marvin on the Hot Seat? Where do the Bengals go? Do they replace TJ, package Chad for a few picks and a Boldin perhaps or continue to rebuild their struggling defense??


3. Buffalo Bills- Ummm...T.O.? The poster child for NFL dysfunction is now a resident (for at least a year) of Orchard Park...let's just hope that the offense can deal with constant attention that T.O. is going to command in the lockerroom, the meetings, and hopefully can deal with the constant circus that is around Mr. Owens (check his resume, folks!) Where will the Bills go?

They dealt a potential headache to the Eagles for the 28th pick and a few others in the coming years, but what do they really need? Do they go after a RB (to offset Marshawn Lynch's looming suspension) or do they try and continue attacking in Free Agency or go after a TE??

4. Cleveland Browns- So, you give away your outspoken TE to the Bucs for a few picks and a clean slate. Then you decide to bring in Eric "I snitched" Mangini to try and restore the Dawg Pounds luster! AND there are rumors that Braylon wants OUT!!

What are you going to do CLEVELAND? Contrary to popular belief and commercials: LeBron is not playing for YOU!! Where do you go? Do you replace Winslow or do you keep working on that defense and make moves in the Free Agent market?


Thoughts? Recommendations? I want to hear it all...Let me know!