Dolph Ziggler to Cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase at Wrestlemania 29?

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIApril 6, 2013

Dolph Ziggler has held the Money in the Bank briefcase for close to nine months. That briefcase contains a contract that can be cashed in at anytime to get a match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

We have been waiting for him to cash it in, and it looks like he finally will at WrestleMania 29.

According to Nick Paglino at, the opening match at WrestleMania is going to be Team Hell No versus Ziggler and Big E Langston for the Tag Team Championship.

The original plan was to have the mixed tag team match open the show, but as of today, the plan changed and currently the tag title match is set to open the show.

So what does that mean for the chances that Ziggler will cash in the MITB briefcase?

There are two reasons why the decision to have the Tag Team Championship match open the show could mean WrestleMania 29 will include a cashing in of the MITB briefcase.

It would give Ziggler some additional rest between his match and cashing in the briefcase. Also, it could give fans some time to take their minds off of Ziggler and help make it seem a little more surprising.

The World Heavyweight Championship match is most likely going to occur around the midway point of WrestleMania. Ziggler should get around two matches before going out to use the briefcase.

You have to figure that Ziggler will be doing most of the in-ring wrestling for his team, so the rest will probably be much needed.

After the opening tag team match, fans will turn their attentions away from Ziggler and to other events. So, while many people might be expecting him to cash it in, their attention being turned to other things going on will help make the use of the MITB briefcase somewhat shocking.

Another thing that could lead us to believing Ziggler will use his "good for one title shot" briefcase is the apparent push he is going to get. According to, Ziggler, AJ Lee and Langston are all expected to get a big push after WrestleMania.

While it is not certain that the push means Ziggler will be the World Heavyweight Champion, it is very possible.

Ziggler is "The Show-Off" and his goal is to steal the show. What better stage to cash in the MITB briefcase, show off and steal the show than WrestleMania.