Robert Barchi Deserves to Be Fired For Failing To Act On Disturbing Video

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 5, 2013

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - APRIL 05: Rutgers University President Robert L Barchi attends a press conference at Rutgers University announcing the resignation of Athletic Director Tim Pernetti on April 5, 2013 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Pernetti resigned after the firing of the basketball coach Mike Rice for abusive conduct toward players.  (Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images)
Andy Marlin/Getty Images

Rutgers University President Robert Barchi and anyone else who saw the disturbing Mike Rice video, and did nothing to immediately dismiss him, deserves to be fired as well.

In case you aren't aware of the situation, the since-fired Rice is caught on tape shoving, grabbing and throwing basketballs at the legs, chests and heads of his players.

As if that weren't enough, Rice can also be heard verbally abusing the players with homosexual slurs.

How this video couldn't lead to immediate dismissal is beyond me. Instead, he was simply suspended until the world caught a glimpse of the video, and that seemingly forced the school's hand.

Per Kate Zernike of the New York Times, Barchi was made aware of the tape, its content and he was told it was taken from three years of practices.

Even with that information, Barchi admits he didn't even take 30 minutes to watch the video until hours after it went viral, per Marc Raimondi of the New York Post. So a 12-year-old in any given state in this country would have seen what was happening in Barchi's school before he did.

Is that neglect or an attempt to protect a coach or institution while putting student-athletes at risk? Either way, there should be no tolerance for it. 

Tom Pernetti, the school's athletic director, has resigned, and in his resignation letter he states he wanted to fire Rice immediately, but Rutgers' legal process dictated the decision, per John O'Boyle of the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

I understand that very few things in this world are black and white, and that there is an order to most things. But there is no context, or further understanding that would have changed or put what Rice was doing in that video into an acceptable perspective.

Where is Latrell Sprewell when you need him?

This is an example of a disturbing abuse of power, hate and bullying.

All three of those things are seemingly traits this country and world are cracking down on. Society isn't tolerating this behavior, so why should Rice's dismissal be up for debate, or delayed?

According to Fox Sports, two Rutgers players actually back Rice and defend him as a coach. This means nothing and shouldn't sway public opinion on the subject.

Perhaps they only had two basketballs hurled at them instead of four, and they consider themselves the chosen ones. It still doesn't excuse this type of behavior. This is not a matter of tastes and preference. 

On Earth, you don't get to slap, grab, push and insult people with hateful comments simply because you're the coach. That's not leading and Barchi should have seen that, or cared enough to investigate.

He didn't and thus he deserves to lose his job.


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