Real Madrid: Why Iker Casillas Has No Chance of Returning Under Jose Mourinho

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentApril 5, 2013

Real Madrid: Why Iker Casillas Has No Chance of Returning Under Jose Mourinho

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    Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas’ feud with Jose Mourinho is one of the most fascinating storylines in football drama.

    With Iker now fully fit, will he walk back into Los Blancos’ starting XI?

    This article will tell you why Casillas has no chance of returning with Mourinho in charge as Real manager.

Diego Lopez Is Better Than Iker Casillas Right Now

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    Diego Lopez lost his starting role at Sevilla to Andres Palop after being sent off against Granada.

    You just had to facepalm when some (casual) Real Madrid fans reacted to their club signing Lopez: "Diego, who?"

    Uh, the Diego Lopez that was in the Los Blancos system for seven years.

    The same footballer who built up a fine reputation as one of La Liga's best goalkeepers with Villarreal.

    By virtue of Antonio Adan's incompetence and Iker Casillas' broken finger, Lopez won Real Madrid's starting role by default.


    Diego Lopez [1]
    3.4 79.4 3.4
    Iker Casillas 1.9 66.0 1.7


    [1] only includes Real Madrid games

    SPGC = saves per goal conceded | S% = save percentage | SPG = saves per game


    Jose Mourinho is reveling so much in Diego's form that the Portuguese manager has excessively praised the former Villarreal shot-stopper.

    Mourinho: Diego Lopez has played 13 games in 70 days while Casillas none. There's no doubt who's more fit. [marca]

    — SB (@Realmadridplace) April 4, 2013


    From Early Doors blog at Eurosport; April 4, 2013: "If Diego Lopez keeps on playing like this, he will be the regular instead of Casillas. The team always come first."

    From Agence France-Presse; April 1, 2013: "I can never say that a player will start for the rest of the season, but I can say that once more Diego Lopez has played very well and helped the team obtain a result."

    From the Associated Press via; March 31, 2013: "Casillas still isn't ready to be Diego Lopez's backup."

    From's SW Lim; March 30, 2013: "The way Diego is playing, it will be very hard to get him out of the net."


    When journalist Fernando Burgos asked what seemed an innocuous question about the team conceding goals with Lopez in goal, Mourinho slammed Burgos for having a bias agenda (from Jack Wilson at The Express).

    The two people who have a bias agenda are Jose and Iker (read the next slide).

Explaining Jose Mourinho's Feud with Iker Casillas

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    Jose Mourinho is the antithesis of John Charles: unsportsmanlike, vile, dishonest and devoid of morals.

    Real Madrid's PR image has plummeted with Mourinho in charge.

    Mourinho's Madrid behave disgracefully towards referees (except the ones who favour them), they've resorted to Stoke City-like tactics to stop Barcelona and the players themselves have sabotaged their own club by leaking sensitive information to the press. 

    Instead of Real Madrid as a unit, Jose has purposely divided the squad with the Jorge Mendes-represented players and the Only One loyalists.

    Iker Casillas is a man of values.

    With Italy being blown out 4-0 in the Euro 2012 final, Iker begged the assistant linesman to tell the main official to end the game.

    Xavi's father spoke at length about Jose demanding Casillas to end his friendship with Xavi (from COM Radio via ESPN FC):

    It has been very complicated at times because of the Clasicos.

    Friendships between players were about to end. There were rows. There were issues with Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos and how they behaved towards their team-mates.

    The behaviour of some players was inappropriate.

    Luckily, Iker and Xavi intervened. Iker had many problems with Mourinho because Xavi and Iker didn't want to end their friendship.

    Had it not been for Iker Casillas, Xavi and Del Bosque, the national team would never have achieved what they have.

    By daring to question Mourinho's anti-Barça stance, Iker is challenging Jose's authority in the dressing room.

    With Casillas in a vulnerable position, Jose is now making an example out of Real Madrid's greatest-ever goalkeeper. 

Scrutinising Iker Casillas' Role in This Football Soap Opera

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    In the previous slide, I said: "Iker Casillas is a man of values," but is that really the case?

    His girlfriend Sara Carbonero, who works in the media, revealed to Televisa Deportes (via Tim Stannard at FourFourTwo): "At the moment, there is a division in the dressing room."

    Cristiano Ronaldo was diplomatic with Carbonero's views (per Manu Sainz and Tomás Roncero at

    Everyone has the right to say what they want, but I don't think she should have done it.

    I think that it was not good, because the business of the dressing room should stay in the dressing room and if you know something you shouldn't report it to the press.

    But I repeat that everyone has the right to say whatever they want.

    If she's willing to speak on the record, is it not inconceivable that she is the secondary source of countless media leaks portraying Jose Mourinho in a negative light?

    Let's assume she is the secondary source—then we all know who her primary source is.

    You read this line from the previous slide: "the players themselves have sabotaged their own club by leaking sensitive information to the press."

    It might actually be: "a player has sabotaged his own club by leaking sensitive information to the press."

    Remember the transcript of Mourinho's alleged confrontation with Iker and Sergio Ramos leaked to the press?

    From Sid Lowe at The Guardian:

    Mourinho replied: "Sure, because you Spaniards have been world champions and your friends in the media protect you … and because the goalkeeper …"

    At that point there is a shout from Casillas, training 30 metres away: "Eh, mister, round here you say things to our faces, eh!"

    Real Madrid would have crashed and burned by now if there was a Mike Rice-like toxic atmosphere in the dressing room—instead, they're succeeding without Iker.

    It's fitting to end the article with this quote from Jose (from Anton Meana at Marca):

    You have a source, he gives you information and you have to pay him for it.

    I don't mean with money, I mean with favours, to cover his back when he messes up, to help him when he needs it.


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