Legendary Champion Signs Multi-Year WWE Contract; Possible WM Involvement?

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2013


It has been reported (h/t WrestlingInc.com) that former Intercontinental Champion the Honky Tonk Man has signed a multi-year deal with the WWE. This is the first time that we will see him back in a regular role since has was a manager and commentator in 1997.

He tweets about this news:

HTM back in the game. Inks multi yr. WWE deal. Never say Never in #WWE

— Honky Tonk Man ® (@OfficialHTM) April 4, 2013

So, with this breaking news, there are a few theories of where HTM could be utlized. First, at WrestleMania 29, then on weekly television.



Since we have a stacked card at WrestleMania, I can see the Honky Tonk Man in a small segment with 3MB, most likely backstage, after a very good match to transition to the next one.

Another idea would be to have him come out after Wade Barrett defeats the Miz on the one-hour pre-show before WrestleMania, barking about how he is the greatest IC champion of all time, even challenging Barrett for a title match on Raw. Of course, Barrett would go over HTM, but at least it would create an anticipated segment for a mid-card title on Raw.

Wishful thinking: It would be pretty cool to see a six-man tag team match involving HTM and the New Age Outlaws against 3MB on the pre-show. He would get props, and it would be a decent, feel-good match to prepare us for the event.


 Weekly Television

HTM can continue to be involved in an angle with 3MB, possibly interrupting their matches. Eventually, though, it would only make sense for him to turn heel and align with the trio. HTM has been known as being a heel for virtually his entire WWE career, and he does very well with drawing heat. This could give 3MB a renewed push, possibly leading to a WWE Tag Team Championship in the near future.

The 3MB gimmick has been stale for quite some time now, so if HTM was brought back simply to help them out, it is worth the investment. 3MB are desperately in need of some help to revive their semi-push.

Do you think the WWE will benefit from acquiring the Honky Tonk Man? Will he have a role at WrestleMania? Comment, civilly, below.

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