Sports Moments Revisited: Steve Bartman Kills Cubbies

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 2, 2008

Pretend you are Steve Bartman.  You are a huge Cubs fan and have a chance to sit right down the left field line in the first row.

You are sitting there in the 8th inning as Marlins player Luis Castillo knocks one towards you.

The experience is surreal.  You have a ball coming at you in the playoffs as the Cubs try to finally win the World Series, after nearly 100 years.

You want a piece of history.

Pretend you are Moises Alou.  You are a Cubs fan favorite and play in left field.

Luis Castillo just hit a fly ball down the left field line and you are charging hard trying to get an important out late in the game.

You jump for the ball, open your glove, wait for the thump, then, nothing.  A fan caught the ball instead of you.

Go back to Bartman.

You catch that very ball that you were going for and fight it away from all the others trying for the ball.

You are ecstatic. 

You now have a piece of history.  You are going to tell your kids and your grand-kids, hell, you are going to do everything possible to make sure you can tell you great-grand-kids about this very moment.

Then, the Marlins go on a run, and everybody blames you.  You have to get escorted out of the game so that you can get home alive.

You look at yourself in the mirror as the person that single handily cost the Cubs the World Series.

Until earlier this week.

Moises Alou spoke about the incident in an Associated Press interview.

"Everywhere I play, even now, people still yell, 'Bartman, Bartman,'" Alou said. "I feel really bad."

"You know what the funny thing is? I wouldn't have caught it anyway."

Cubs broadcaster Len Casper (who was the Marlins broadcaster during this game) agrees.

"I thought it was very questionable [that Alou could've caught it]."

So there you go.  You can look at this story and laugh, right, Steve.

We can be buddies now right, I mean, after the healing period from all the stuff we did to you after the incident.

I apologize, and I hope that the rest of Chicago can apologize too.

I'm Joe W. 


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