Lithuanian Hockey Player Is Not Pleased, Throws Stick at Referee During Tantrum

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 4, 2013

Those referees at the Under-18 World Championships are pretty easy going, because one didn't seem to mind getting blasted with a stick. 

The Big Lead spots the latest sports meltdown, which comes to us all the way from Estonia. That is where Lithuania was taking on Great Britain during what is reported as a moment from round-robin play at the U18 World Championships. 

In the waning moments, Lithuania's Danielius Nomanovas decides that he has had just about enough and tosses his stick. 

It catches one of the referees near the face and he goes down to the ice, only to sprint off stunned. Oh, it gets better. 

Without sound or context, I have no clue as to the cause of Nomanovas' true frustration. It could be the fact Great Britain just beat his team or possibly an earlier call the official made. 

This could have been a throw of the stick with a specific aim or a pouting player who accidentally caught a ref near the head. 

Either way, the official sprints off only to notice one of the other player's is getting in Nomanovas' face. Instead of tending to his shoulder that he clutches, he skates off to keep the peace. 

Even the other officials just kind of move around as if it's free-skate time at the local rink. 

In a bizarre turn, this game featured a player with a short fuse meeting the most laid-back official in sports. 

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