Come to Think of It...Is It Time to Panic Yet, Cubs Fans?

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer IApril 2, 2008

OK, that's it. Two games into the season and already we're hearing people panicking over the slow start the Cubs are experiencing. I mean, given the team's history, I understand the concern. But c'mon people - it's just two games! Chill out, already, will ya?

Actually, I'm hearing the naysayers and doomsday predictions coming more from the media thus far than actual Cubs fans. Talk radio in Chicago has been especially negative. But hey, we've been through this stuff before so admit it, it has crossed your mind, hasn't it? I mean, just a little? That maybe, just maybe, the gods of baseball aren't smiling on the Cubs this year?

Once again.

But then you come to your senses and you realize that an 0-2 start isn't the end of the world. Hey, they started off slowly last year if you remember. And they are still a talented team playing in a relatively weak division.

Unless the Brewers really are this good...

Stop it. Don't go there. Refuse to go there. It's only two games.

But still...

Yeah, I know, the Cubs bullpen was supposed to be its strength. And so far, it's been more of a pigpen than a bullpen, leaving a mess for the next guy to clean up.

But if this frustrating start is giving you a headache, take two and repeat after me: It's only two's only two's - WAIT! There have been some pleasant surprises thus far, haven't there?

Sure. What about Fooky, our Japanese import Kosuke Fukudome, with his dramatic home run and 3-for-3 performance in the season opener?

And how about two home runs today, one by a guy whose power abandoned him last year, Derrick Lee? It would be great to see him return to power.

The other homer was also nice to see. But Geo Soto more than made up for it by playing so poorly behind the plate today. He was simply awful.

Oh no, here I go again, slipping back into that negativity. But I won't let it happen. It's just too early.

Carlos Zambrano pitched like an ace opening day after struggling so many times before on day one. That's a positive, right?

OK, what else? Uh, Soriano still hasn't gotten a hit? No, that's a negative again, Bob, don't do that. Did I mention the bullpen? Oops, never mind.

I'd like to get the pulse of Cubs fans everywhere. Tell me honestly, what are you feeling this early in the season? Are you still optimistic? Are you angry, frustrated? Are you panicking yet?

Come to think of it, if you project their record out to the full 162 games, they would be...uh, let's not go there. Because that would be negative. And it's too early for negativity, isn't it? You tell me.  


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