Which SEC Team Stands out Among 4-Star CB Quincy Wilson's 40 Scholarship Offers?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIApril 4, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Quincy Wilson is one of the most sought after recruits in the country, boasting 40 offers according to William Weathers of TigerBait.com, but it's the LSU Tigers that could find themselves making the biggest impact with the 4-star defensive back.

This is big for LSU, because 40 offers is a whole lot, so the fact that Les Miles and his Tigers are standing out with Wilson could end up being a huge indicator of things to come.

At the very least, it's something to hang your hat on if you're a fan of LSU recruiting.

The Tigers could be helped out by the fact that they were the first program to offer Wilson back in May of last year (Weathers). LSU has apparently made an impact with Wilson because of said offer, and the Tigers are developing a good recruiting relationship with him, per Weathers:

Starting with its offer LSU clearly has Wilson - the nation's No. 14 corner - in its sights with defensive backs coach and area recruiter Corey Raymond leading the way for the Tigers coaching staff.

"It meant a lot to get my first offer from LSU because it's LSU and they're known for good DBs," Wilson said. "That made me feel good about myself. I've talked to Coach Raymond every week and he's supposed to come this spring and see me. I think our relationship is developing very well. He's a great coach and I really think he knows what he's doing with big guys like me at DB." 

The Tigers ability to produce great cornerbacks has been a huge selling point on the recruiting trail for them, and it appears as if Wilson could be buying into that hype. To be fair to LSU, it's hype that's worth buying into.

In the past two NFL drafts we've seen two elite defensive backs from LSU go in the first round: Morris Claiborne (No. 6 overall, Dallas Cowboys) and Patrick Peterson (No. 5 overall, Arizona Cardinals).

Peterson, specifically, can supply the best comparison for Wilson. He was a very big cornerback heading into LSU at 6'1'', 193 pounds (Rivals), and his size is partially what made him so good. Wilson checks in at 6'2'' 195 pounds according to Rivals.

247Sports actually ranks Wilson as a safety, and that would make sense at any other school than LSU. The Tigers, though, have found great success in the secondary by using bigger and stronger corners that could pass for safeties. Because of their size, these corners are able to jam receivers, impede throwing lanes and play extremely strong against the run. 

Setting the edge against the run and throwing off timing against the pass is integral for a cornerback, and LSU's corner play is a big reason the Tigers have been so successful on defense. In fact, with the way that football is trending, having bigger corners is becoming a necessity instead of a luxury.

Wilson seems to understand that concept very well. Here's what he had to say about his skill set and why he thinks he's getting so many offers, per Weather's report:

"What's helped is that I'm a big corner and I can move like a small corner," Wilson said. "Receivers are bigger these days and they need big guys like me to cover them."

Do I need to break it down any further? 

One could argue that LSU was at the forefront of that movement at the major college level, so considering Wilson's knowledge of the trend and the fact that LSU was the first to offer him, it's not a surprise that the Tigers are standing out.

In the world of college football recruiting, standing out amongst five programs is huge, let alone 40. That said, Wilson is also planning on visiting Notre Dame, Ohio State, South Carolina, USC and UCLA as well as LSU this summer, per Weathers.

As we all should know, anything can happen on the recruiting trail, but as things stand right now with Wilson, LSU has to be feeling pretty good.

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