WWE WrestleMania 29: Breaking Down a Possible Heel Turn for John Cena

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 6, 2013

image from WWE.com
image from WWE.com

The only thing that would make the WrestleMania 29 main event worthy of being the featured match is a heel turn by John Cena.

I'm a wrestling guy, so I don't actually need a specific reason to watch WrestleMania, but I can totally understand how it isn't a given for some fans.

After all, we are still looking at the exact same main event two years in a row.

While we could be in for something totally unexpected, from a pre-event hype standpoint, the John Cena-The Rock matchup may not cause widespread excitement.

I may be giving the WWE creative team too much credit, but I think there will be more than just an epic match in store for WWE fans when Cena and the Rock clash.

Finally...Cena turns heel?

I can't count how many times I've seen a prediction that Mr. AA would turn against Cenation, but I'm actually starting to think this might be the time.

If now isn't the time to flip him, then he should truly be an eternal face.

The mix of boos and cheers is turning more toward boos every time Cena appears. It used to seem like he had certain cities that still gave him a huge pop, but nowadays, the response seems predominantly negative everywhere.

The one big problem with turning Cena heel is the fact that he is the ambassador for the WWE.

We all know this is a make-believe world in regard to personas, but Cena has done so much work for the Make a Wish foundation and other charities that it almost seems like bad business to have him switch sides.

Kids make up a huge part of his fanbase, and trust me, no matter how much you tell them "Those weren't really Paul Bearer's ashes being dumped on the Undertaker," CM Punk is still going to be a jerk to them for a while.

Is the WWE willing to risk Cena's reputation with kids? Cena has indicated the answer to that question is no. He recently told Elyse Toribio of NorthJersey.com that his charity work "trumps in-ring drama."

But this is the WWE, so you never really know.

The positive aspects of the company that Cena represents are needed to balance out some of the risqué subject matter. If recent storylines are any indication, it would appear the WWE is moving towards less-than politically correct angles.

The Jack Swagger-Alberto Del Rio feud dances with racism, and Punk's recent actions with the Undertaker would be frowned upon in most establishments (I love the E-Trade baby).

While we may not be headed for full Attitude Era mode, it is clear Vince McMahon wants things to be kicked up another notch.

Could the next bold move be turning Cena to the dark side?

I'm starting to believe.


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