Bruins-Devils: Replay Fails As Referees Make Playoff Changing Call

Ken FossAnalyst IApril 2, 2008

Toronto never fails to make themselves look moronic do they?

The Boston Bruins played the New Jersey Devils, and into the second period the scoreboard read 2-1.

If that score held, the Bruins would move to seventh place in the eastern conference, removing the Sabres from realistic chasing range.

But before I take the league out back and beat it to death, let me set the stage.

First period, Rupp skates into the zone, takes the shot, rebound bounces to Zurbus, Goal! 

Its still 1-0 early into the second period the Bruins are on a two man advantage. Chara takes a pass to the point, he dishes it low, a quick cross ice pass Wideman takes the slapper he scores. to tie it.

But, then it happened later in the second 7:39 to go Darius Zubrus cut on the rush, dekes around the net for the wrap around he scores, Tim Thomas takes the puck out of the inside of the post and hammers it into the corner in disgust.

Wait a minute no call, no horn? What's this—the officials skate to the big red phone. Replay after replay, and NESN HD shows a black sphere creep under Thomas' glove deflecting quickly of his pad, and into the white skirting of the net ... eight minutes of stoppage later. NO GOAL!!!

Sure enough, the Bruins take the face-off and Lucic scores :20 seconds later. 

How can this happen with a peppy Washington team lead by the Hart Trophy hands down, winner, clawing, and scratching for every point? With every feed how can they not see it if everybody watching it on T.V saw it clear as day. And you needed EIGHT BLEEPING MINUTES! Not a peep from the refs as to what they're looking at. Unbelievable.

Mike Rupp scores late in the third to tie the game.

The game goes shoot-out with Martin Broduer making some key power play stops in overtime.

Metropolit skates forward dekes right, fake shoots goes back hand... DENIED!

Gionta speeds in, shows forehand goes back hand... SPRAWLING BLOCKER SAVE!

Kessel skates out wide takes some minor dummy dekes, and fires a lighting shot, glove side high... NO DICE!

Elias skates slowly right then, left, then back right delays, delays shoots at nothing... SAVED!

Krejci speeds at Brodeur, gets him to bite takes the backhander... SAVED BY BRODEUR!

Landenbrunner skates to the line delays, skates at Thomas, forehand wide, backhand wide, forehand Reach around attempt... DENIED BY THOMAS!

Sturm 1 for 7 for the season skates out, quick hesitation move, shot blocker low... BRODEUR IS UNBEATABLE!

Parise skates up to the line, game on the line... takes it out wide pump fake, Thomas bite, wide backhand, chips it top shelf.... SCORES! 

Game over!

Boston takes a point they didn't deserve 

Philly is the team that are now the odd man out.  

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