WWE Wrestlemania 29: 6 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 5, 2013

WWE Wrestlemania 29: 6 Bold Predictions for the Upcoming PPV

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    What if nothing we hope to see happens come Sunday night? What if everything the WWE has laid out for us has become a smokescreen of sorts and we do not see titles change or superstars lose important matches?

    What if Vince McMahon and the WWE pull the wool over our eyes? 

    It could happen. There is a better chance of Trish Stratus wrestling on Sunday, but it could happen. There really isn't any mystery to any of the events that are taking place on Sunday. We just want to see how they evolve. We want to see them finally happen so we can say we saw it.

    This is what happens with a weak WrestleMania lineup and too much predictability. 

    So in the spirit of good fortune, a quick wit and the chance that something "might" come of all of this, here is a look at some bold predictions we would all be amazed by come Sunday.

John Cena Becomes a Heel by Association

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    The John Laurinaitis moment on SmackDown last week was squashed quickly and not addressed on Raw Monday night. We all know that is not how things happen in the WWE.

    Johnny Ace said John Cena was part of the reason he got fired and wanted to throw his support behind The Rock on Sunday. What if Laurinaitis causes The Rock to lose in such a way that it looks like Cena is a villain in all of this?

    That, my friends, makes for entertaining television. That changes everything in the WWE. 

    That could be the moment we all talk about for the next year.

Trish Stratus Challenges AJ Lee

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    It probably would have been better if she had challenged Beth Phoenix before Phoenix left the company.

    As a parting shot, what if the new Hall of Fame inductee wants to kick a little ass in the process? We have seen it before. We have wanted to see Stratus get back in the ring. It might be interesting.

    It would also bring a few more fans to the defense of the women in the WWE, who need a solid push right now.

Randy Orton Does Not Turn Heel

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    I say this with one thing in mind: Remember where Extreme Rules is being held.

    St. Louis is Orton's home, his backyard and the place where his heel turn should happen. Those voices in his head will lead him to make the change at home. There is no doubt about this.

    I actually thought this would happen last year for Orton, but it didn't. This is the year Orton takes another shot at gold and feuds with Sheamus in the process.

AJ Lee Costs Dolph Ziggler His MITB Chance

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    The quickest way to end the issue with Dolph Ziggler and his MITB contract is to have him lose it.

    And of course, AJ could be behind the devastation. Everyone's favorite Pixie Devil could find a way to not only cost her boyfriend and Big E Langston the tag titles, but she could also cost him a chance at being the World Champion.

    I expect Alberto Del Rio to win the World Title, but I also expect him to be battered and beaten like a dog. In walks Ziggler after the match. Bam!

    But what if he loses, and there is a rift now between the two star-crossed lovers?

    Oh, the tangled web AJ weaves.

Mark Henry and Ryback Actually Deliver

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    This is one of those matches that looks like two big goons trying to bench press each other, nothing more and nothing less.

    This is not Scott Orton vs. Bill Kazmaier.

    Could this be the surprise match of the night for the WWE? They certainly hope so. These two men are on a collision course, which could mean more than the ring coming down.

    If Henry, who is great as he is, can help Ryback get over again, it could mean both will be in the title hunt for company gold. 

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango Is the Best Match of the Night

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    Believe it or not, it could happen.

    I am one who thinks Fandango (Johnny Curtis) will be the next big thing in the WWE, although his fame will be fleeting.

    Jericho is a professional who may win the match but will sell it and put the youngster over. Either way, the WWE will have plenty to talk about.

    I also think after Jericho, a feud with Kofi Kingston should be on the minds of the WWE creative team. But that is just my opinion.