WWE Wrestlemania 29: Could a Rock Victory Lead to Brock Lesnar Holding WWE Gold?

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 4, 2013


Finally, The Rock has come back to St. Louis for Extreme Rules. The Rock put the Smackdown on that Jabroni John Cena in New Jersey. The Rock knew he could beat the company champion. The Rock has done everything he promised he would when he came back to the WWE and he beat that Cookie Puss, CM Punk and took the title that belonged to The Rock. He beat John Cena and now, the Rock wants more. The Rock wants to beat Brock Lesnar's candy ass in front of the millions (and millions) of the Rock's fans in St. Louis. Can you smell, what The Rock is cooking?

Maybe not the best of my Rock impersonations, but you get the idea of what I am talking about.

Maybe there is a chance of The Rock winning on Sunday, thus becoming Brock Lesnar's opponent at Extreme Rules in May. Maybe this is what Vince McMahon envisions when he sees Lesnar take the title off of The Rock, and with the help of Paul Heyman, runs wild over the WWE.

Think of it. The Rock crushes John Cena's dreams, the WWE still has the title on The Rock. CM Punk goes into hibernation for a month to heal and then comes back stronger, possibly as a face. And when the dust settles, Brock Lesnar is holding the WWE Title. This could be the best thing to happen to the WWE since Daniel Bryan broke up with Gail Kim.

It also does a few more things to even out the road toward SummerSlam. If Brock Lesnar is holding the WWE Title, it could mean a swerve of alliances by our good friend, Paul Heyman. If Punk wants "his" title back, he must compete against his personal associate, which crumbles the entire marriage between the two. Punk can still be the edgy star he is, but now the fans are behind him in beating Lesnar, arguably the most dangerous villain in the WWE.

Who would have thought The Rock would help CM Punk get his WWE Title back? And John Cena, some how, some way, will be twisting in the wind in the middle of all of this. But rest assured, he will still be in title contention. 

This is probably all just a pipe dream, but I had to throw it out there since we are all convinced John Cena will walk out of MetLife Stadium with the title. If the WWE throws a curve ball like this one, and it is plausible, watch out what else could happen once the dust settles in the land of the New Jersey Devils. 

Rock vs. Brock could "rock" the pay-per-view scene. And leave a lot of us wondering if it will destroy the WWE landscape. 

If you can smell what this writer is cooking.