Ferrari's Cup of Woes Overflows...

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

SHANGHAI, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 26:  Rubens Barrichello of Brazil and Ferrari leads at the start of the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit on September 26, 2004 in Shanghai, China.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Well the picture is a bit misleading as much as the rains yesterday when no one expected it to drizzle it poured. Even otherwise the picture is reminiscent of good old days of Ferrari leadership. Imagine how three races in a season can change a perception?

So what ails Ferrari these days, so much so that they are not being considered in the talking point at all. The diffuser has taken its toll on the big names to say the least never the less it remains to be seen how they can pull off something spectacular to be in the race for championship.

At the Chinese GP, Massa was making a solid progress and even by the team's assessment a podium was a possibility, till of course an electrical problem came in the way and Massa had to desert his car literally and take a two wheeler to reach his pits.

As for Kimi the ice man he is, he doesn't show his displeasure at all, does he? He was at a loss to understand why KERS was not in either of the cars when it could have been an eventuality.

Every die hard fan of Ferrari still thinks that the team is made of the "invincible" a halo that they really look forward to every race in the Red cars and look to see them at the chequered flag.

If what Kimi said was true that their Championship race was over then we have really a big task at hand. On the other hand, there is still ample opportunity to race the most common sense way. Like what the McLaren is trying to do. Or what the Red Bull did as a classic racing yesterday—make no mistakes, don't overshoot, keep it simple.

Perhaps the very factor that there is a pressure from everywhere is what might be ailing Ferrari, or that when the driver is on the track, all eyes are on them to perform. May be in its pursuit to excellence have they overshot themselves under pressure.

All of a sudden Ferrari looks like a minnows. Something which we cannot take it at least for the racing part of it. May be if we have better understanding of the issues then we would not ask for more, would we? Possibly that we will wait for the next race to see things back as Ferrari can be in its winning ways.

Massa and Kimi have a lot to deliver this season so too the team has a lot to prove and perform. Reliability have never been an issue but of late this has made a mockery of the Ferarri's strength. So are the tyre and pit stop strategies, which are misfiring on all cylinders if I may use the phrase.

Now that all the issues stand really diffused, it is up to the Managers to see how to deliver in the best possible way given the limitations that they have and more so enliven up the championship race before it becomes settled even half way through the season.

I might be naive to suggest but the way things are at Brawn it could be that Championship could be settled at half the way through the calendar. If this can be stopped I think it could be fairly a chance from Ferrari. If they aren't thinking let me assure them that their fans world over think they can.