Ottawa Senators: On the Brink of Elimination

Kathleen CameronCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

It’s hard to be a Senators fan these days.

On the front page of the Ottawa Sun this morning there was a picture of a hockey player’s glove hitting the panic button. How telling of the situation here in O-town.

With the Ottawa Senators facing the very real possibility of not making the playoffs for the first time in 11 seasons, fans are holding their breath.  After tomorrow night’s game against Toronto, it could all be over, and fans will be left hanging up hockey paraphernalia wondering, “What went wrong?”

I know, I know.   I have been accused by several people in the last week of exhibiting the behaviour of “a typical” Sen’s fan.  You know what I mean.

Ottawa Senator fans, apparently, are the ones that jump off and on the bandwagon with regular abandon.

When the Sens are winning, they are the best team in the entire world and no other NHL team can rival them. Yet they start losing and we turn against them.

We’re a fickle group, we Senator fans.

I confess, I have recently been very guilty of not fully supporting my team.  Lately, I just have not been able to bring myself to watch the Senators play.  With the onset of each game, I try to rummage up some hope for my team, only to be disappointed later that evening when they lose again.

I just started losing my desire to watch them play.  Sorry, but I am only human.   How much pain can one person endure?

There was one brief moment when faith was restored, in the 6-3 win against Buffalo last week. With Buffalo leading 3-1, I shut the game off and went to bed.  To my ultimate surprise, they pulled off with a 6-3 win, and my heart was filled with renewed enthusiasm.

But a Senators fan’s elation these days is short-lived.  It seems that just when we think the team is back on track, they suffer yet another embarrassing and frustrating loss.

Take last Thursday’s game against Buffalo. With less than ninety seconds left, the Senators were caught running around in their own end, doing a terrible time of getting the puck out of their zone.

What happens?  Buffalo scores, and then wins the game in a shoot-out.  I was livid.

How is a fan supposed to keep the faith when the players on the team cannot?

This Ottawa Senators team is not the same team that went to the Stanley Cup finals last year, not the same team at all.  The top goal scorers aren’t scoring, the defence can’t defend, and their goalie is continually hung out to dry.

Unless some miracle happens and the Senators actually pull off a win tomorrow and Friday night,  I may not have the chance to raise my playoff flags and parade proudly down Ottawa streets, flags billowing in the wind.