Celebrity Sports Fails

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2013

Celebrity Sports Fails

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    Sure, we've seen our fair share of celebs who showed some game from their days in high school or even college.

    But not all entertainers have that kind of talent.

    Need proof?

    Just check out these 15 celebrities trying their hand in athletics only to fall flat on their face.

    They may put out great music or on-screen performances, but when it comes to playing sports, they just can't hack it.

Dishonorable Mention: Andre Drummond

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    OK, so we know that Andre Drummond actually plays in the NBA—hell, he was even a lottery and top-10 pick this past draft.

    But we just had to mention him here as an embarrassing celebrity because, well, he definitely deserves it.

    It almost takes effort for anyone to shoot a lousy 34 percent—no, that's not a typo—so for a guy who gets paid to play the game, this should never happen.

Justin Bieber

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    Before the Biebs got hit by that puberty bug, he found himself just a little bit beneath the competition during the Celeb All-Star Game at the NBA's annual event.

    And not in terms of hoop skills, but literally in stature.

    Watch as other players just toss 'bows his way to get him out of their way.

    Now that he's a little bit taller, he should have a better chance at making some plays though.

Garth Brooks

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    It's never a good sign when a baseball fan goes up to a player and asks for an autograph on anything non-baseball related.

    In Brooks case, it makes sense—as he is one of country music's biggest stars.

    But seeing that he went a combined 1-22 as an outfielder/pinch hitter when given a shot to play for the Padres in 1999, he should just stick to singing in his cowboy hat.

Mariah Carey

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    Though we've never done it, we suspect tossing out a first pitch at a baseball game isn't as easy as it first seems.

    When you are standing in the middle of the diamond all eyes are on you, waiting to see if you'll botch it completely or fire one over the plate.

    Unfortunately for current American Idol judge Mariah Carey, her attempt barely even made it past the pitchers mound.

Gordon Ramsay

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    If you've ever played in a pick-up soccer league, you know it takes a lot of stamina and endurance to just last a half.

    So we give props to the Hell's Kitchen star for at least trying.

    But when he takes a hard tackle from former English international player Teddy Sheringham, it not only looked ugly, but introduced him to how rough the sport can really be.

Keanu Reeves

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    In the early 90's, Reeves was one of the biggest stars on the planet—believe it or not.

    But his entire performance on the field at the 1990 Rock n' Jock baseball game was a little less than memorable.

    Not only does he overhype himself with the awkward introduction, but then he goes out and has an argument with the ump.

    Here's to hoping Keanu doesn't take his disregarded acting skills to a baseball movie anytime soon—well, besides Hardball.

Baba Booey

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    For those of you who don't know Baba Booey, he's best known for being a Producer on the Howard Stern radio show.

    But if any of you were at this Mets game that fateful day, he might be best remembered for this miserable attempt at a first pitch.

    We've seen some bad attempts from people we'd expect to see them from (like Mayors), but Booey comes off as somewhat athletic.

Tony Danza

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    Who's the boss?

    In this case, it's not Tony Danza.

    For some odd reason, the former TV star had his own syndicated talk show for two seasons in 2003-04.

    This gave us some very memorable moments.

    Besides proving he's not very good at multitasking while roller blading, he had this little incident where, for some reason, he wasn't wearing a helmet while racing former NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace in a go-kart.

    "The Boss" ended up with a concussion, and proved that all parents should rethink giving their kids a go-kart for Christmas.

    Thanks for crushing kids dreams everywhere Tony.


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    One thing everyone knows when playing basketball is this: If played in front of a crowd, you never want to be on the receiving end of a raucous "Ohhhh!" from the stands.


    Well it typically means that you just got shook from the dude with a ball, ending up on your backside and possibly even turning an ankle.

    Poor Nelly had this happen to him here by the young Bow Wow, who looked more like Kyrie Irving than a rapper.

Louie Anderson

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    Weighing in at more than 400 lbs, comedian Louie Anderson doesn't exactly have the physique of a diver.

    But that didn't stop him from at least getting on the high-dive and trying it.

    Anderson not only looks ridiculous in his attempt—resembling more of a falling tree than a diver—but he also injured himself in a later dive.

    Look, if we knew Katherine Webb was going to be on the show and in a bathing suit all day, we'd volunteer for the competition too.

    So here's to Louie having a speedy recovery and back at it soon!

Dirk Nowitzki

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    After leading the Mavs to their first ever title back in 2011, Dirk made the typical rounds to celebrate around the Dallas area.

    Needless to say, the future NBA Hall of Famer knows how to sink it from deep.

    But he's got some work to do for the next time he steps on the bump because this was just awful.

    It's always bad when the guy tossing it has to flex to signify it was "just his strength" that made the ball sail over both the catcher and mascot and into the stands.

    Dirk is our dude in late-game situations.

    But let's just hope he's never called to close out a game for the Rangers.

David Arquette

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    Whenever you see a guy with one of those chin goatees on a basketball court, it usually ends pretty rough for him.

    In this case, that's exactly what happened for Arquette, who's best known for his roles as Deputy Dewey Boy in the Scream movies.

    Cam'ron is a rapper who clearly has skills, but they look a hell of a lot better after seeing Arquette's attempts at scoring.

    It looks like the gimmicks we used while trying to beat our older cousin in basketball when we were eight.

    Just awful.

Charles Barkley

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    Charles Barkley may be in the Hall of Fame as a basketball player, but the only way he's making it into the golf Hall of Fame is if they start handing out awards for the worst shot ever.

    We really don't know what more to say about Barkley's hitch-induced swing other than this: Just watch the video and see for yourself why it's so ugly.

    Maybe he's better on the green?

Kevin James

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    While promoting his movie from last year, Here Comes the Boom, Kevin James made an appearance at the U.S. Open for a little doubles match with buddy Adam Sandler.

    Tennis takes skill and serious hand-eye coordination when just trying to hit the ball normally.

    So when James went for the between-the-legs return that guys like Roger Federer have pulled off, it's clear that's something not quite in the comedic actor's repertoire.


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    Maybe the Commander-In-Chief should just stick to watching basketball and posing with people who really know how to play it.

    We're not saying he doesn't have game—and we know he loves the sport—but after seeing him go 2-22 (including an airball), maybe he should stop playing in the public eye.

    Look, even Kobe and LeBron have off days.

    So maybe he can just chalk it up to that.