Carlos Boozer: The Two-Faced, Master Manipulator. Whats Next For Utah?

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

Carlos Boozer: The Two-Faced, Master Manipulator

In my article about Derrick Rose, I talked about how Boozer would be a good fit into the Bulls lineup. I then went on and made a poll on it. Got me thinking, what kind of guy is Boozer really, and what does the future hold for the Jazz?

During a halftime interview against the New Jersey Nets on Wednesday December 17, Carlos Boozer infamously once again, said he will opt out of his final season of his contract worth about $11.6 million a year, and get a pay raise.

""I'm opting out. No matter what, I'm going to get a raise regardless," Boozer told "I am going to opt out, I don't see why I wouldn't, I think it's a very good business decision for me and my family, but I'd also like to see what happens with the Jazz and stay here."

Basically, what Boozer said he is going see how the Jazz is doing, and if he thinks they are going in a bad direction, he will leave.

He did the same thing back in the 2003-2004 summer. The Cav's could have kept him for one more year at $695,000, or allowing him to become a restricted free agent. Apparently the Cavaliers had a agreement with Carlos and his agent that once they Cavs release from his current contract, Boozer would sign a $39 million contract over the next six years (6.5 million a year).

Then come the Jazz. With previous failed attempts in getting Jason Terry, Corey Maggette, and Elton Brand, the Jazz offered the most they could, which was giving Boozer $70 million of the next six years.

Without any hesitation in his mind, Boozer accepted. He later went on saying that he never promised anything, and it is unfortunate how the media made things look worse than it is.

Now, when Boozer opts out of his current contract, your going to have other teams who will offer Boozer more money than the Jazz will offer. Ironic?

Boozer this season missed 45 game with an injury. During that time span, Paul Milsap put up 16 ppg and 10.3 rpg. With the emergence of Paul Milsap, and Jerry Sloan saying he could possibly start Milsap over Boozer, leads me to the question. Do the Utah Jazz even want them?

It sounds after the comment was made by Boozer, the Jazz are closing the door on him, and opening a new one to Paul Milsap. Paul put up similar numbers to Boozer this season. Milsaps contract runs out this year, and will be a free agent, joining Boozer, Brevin Knight and Jarron Collins. 

Paul Milsap is probably going to be given a pay raise if he decides to stay with the Jazz. He is currently getting paid the minimum at $797,581 a year. Now if Paul resigns, he will probably get a deal worth $4-6 million.

The late Larry Miller specifically said that the team wont go over the luxury threshold tax. Only way for Milsap to get a fair market value is for Boozer to leave. If Boozer stays, Milsap will get an offer worth below the market value.

As Milsap is a restricted free agent, the Jazz can match any offer sheet given to them, but if Boozer decides to stay, they might lose Milsap.

What do you do? Let Boozer go, and resign Milsap, or keep Boozer, and potentially lose Milsap. What a dilemma.

Now, they could let Boozer go, resign Milsap, let the others go, and get some other good quality free agents. Something else that can be done is a trade, something I suggested in my article about Derrick Rose.

Utah Jazz send Carlos Boozer and a first-round round draft pick to the Chicago Bulls for Ben Gordon, Jerome James and a second-round pick plus cash considerations.

The Bulls starting five would look like this; PG-Rose SG-Kirk Hinrich/Luol Deng. SF- John Salmons/ Luol Deng PF;Carlos Boozer/ Luol Deng/ John Salmons C; Carlos Boozer/ Noah.

The Jazz starting five would look like this; PG Deron Williams SG- Ben Gordon SF- Andrei Kirilenko, PF- Paul Milsap C- Okur

Now the thing with this deal is that both Boozer, and Gordon could leave their potential new ball clubs basically leaving them where the started off. Boozer, might opt out and resign with the Bulls just with a higher contract.

Seeing Boozer with Derrick Rose will be very deadly in my opinion.

Utah Jazz send Carlos Boozer and Matt Harpring to the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay, Darrel Arthur, Marko Jaric and a first round draft pick.

Now, I don't think the Grizzlies would like taking a chance with Boozer by giving up future a future all star in Rudy Gay for Boozer to only walk away, because of how the Grizzlies have recently been playing. If you think about it though, you would have Mike Conley Jr, O.J. Mayo Matt Harpring, Boozer, and Gasol as a starting five.

That seems like a very dangerous starting five in the future, and potentially next year. Utah would benefit with it too having Andrei come off the bench and Gay starting. Arthur will develop as he gets older and can be a solid four.

Starting five for Jazz; PG- Deron Williams SG; CJ Miles/ Korver/ Ronnie Brewer. SF- Rudy Gay/ Andrei Kirilenko PF; Paul Milsap C Okur.

Now these are some of the things that Utah could do, but I don't expect these exact trades to happen. What I expect is Utah to trade Boozer during draft day, to whom, I don't know hopefully it benefits Utah in the long run.

From what I have seen, Boozer signs a lucrative contract, and if he doesn't go far with the team, he makes a promise, breaks it and leaves to another team that he could help.

Master Manipulator, two-faced man; He is Carlos Boozer.


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