WWE WrestleMania 29: WrestleMania Would Not Be Complete Without Shawn Michaels

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 2, 2013



You didn't really think we would get to WrestleMania 29 without a little Shawn Michaels, did you? And what better way to get us all excited about the idea of the pay-per-view in New Jersey than to have Mr. WrestleMania come to the ring, fire up the crowd and have him swear his allegiance to his best friend, Triple H?

It is the way the WWE does things. You cannot deny the excitement Shawn Michaels brings to a WrestleMania event. And the fact it was during the “go home” only means something might be up concerning the match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

No, this is not an April Fools' joke a day late. What if the WWE finally did something that shocked us all and manipulated the match between the Big Bully and the COO of the company so that Michaels costs his “best friend” the match, therefore causing him to retire from the business altogether.

It’s not a realistic ending, but it makes a lot of sense on many levels and keeps Triple H, Lesnar and Michaels a hot topic leading into Extreme Rules, where there could be a third match between the two brawlers.

The other reason this makes sense is simple.

Lesnar broke Michaels’ arm when Triple H could not save him from harm’s way. Maybe animosity rears its ugly head. Maybe deep-seated anger dwells within the one man who “is” WrestleMania. Maybe the WWE has not figured out who might be the best opponent for Lesnar leading into another pay-per-view or cannot figure out what to do with him right now.

Yes, Lesnar creates some matchup issues. Michaels creates more chaos, which WWE fans eat up and want more of.

Michaels is the fly in the ointment we all want to see but do not expect from such a fan favorite, and the spot could be an “accident” of sorts, which could lead to a Triple H/Shawn Michaels showdown.

If I could interject for a moment so you can let that one sink in.

The WWE needs this. The WWE needs a little excitement. And most of all, it gives the company and its fans something more to think about.