Will Hicks & Meeks Persuade Wiggins to Pick UNC at McDonald's All-American Game?

Rollin YeattsFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2013

Photo courtesy of BallIsLife.com
Photo courtesy of BallIsLife.com

On April 3, we will finally get to see the nation's elite in action at the McDonald's All-American game. For North Carolina, 2013 commits Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks will be playing for the East, along with top prospect Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins is currently juggling his options with UNC, Kentucky, Kansas and Florida State. But there may be one person recruiting Wiggins harder than any of those coaches.

Meeks had this to say in a conversation with Inside Carolina's Sherrell McMillan (subscription required):

"I’ve been talking to Andrew [Wiggins] most of the time. Just telling and getting him to realize that Carolina is a perfect fit for him. Letting him know he’ll be helpful to us, even if he only stays for one year. I’m just helping out I guess."

I'm sure Roy Williams isn't complaining about the extra help.

Considering Meeks, Hicks and Wiggins will be playing together in the greatest showcase of high school talent, this would be a prime opportunity for Meeks to polish up on those recruiting skills. Fortunately, he's bright enough to realize that.

“I told him he’ll see at the McDonald’s game how good we go together; him, me and Isaiah [Hicks]. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for us three to get along and get used to playing together.”

Assuming Wiggins is indeed a one-and-done, I have a hard time believing the trio would be spending much time on the court together. But the thought is there, and programs need as many lures as possible to land the No. 1 overall recruit.

Perhaps a healthy friendship and a feeling of chemistry between the three will be enough to tip the scales.

But let's not pretend the other recruits won't be making cases for their own respective schools. Kansas' Wayne Seldon and Kentucky's Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson will also be spending some quality time with Wiggins on the East squad.

The other four Kentucky recruits will be sporting West jerseys.

And let's be real for a minute. Kentucky definitely has its perks, and Wiggins realizes the most obvious potential perk:

I know UNC fans are now thinking "all hope is lost." And I would be shocked if any less than half of Wildcat Nation jumped out of their seats after watching that.

But also remember that was an answer to what appeared to be a hypothetical question about how good Kentucky would be with him. What kind of answer do you really expect?

Let's not go crazy, folks.

The recruitment of Andrew Wiggins is far from over. The only "sell by" date stamped on him is the end of the signing period on May 15.

Until he pens his name to a National Letter of Intent, we can speculate 'til our faces turn blue and I develop carpal tunnel. Nobody other than Wiggins himself knows what program(s) he is leaning toward.

"I think he’ll know in a couple weeks or so where he wants to go," Meeks said. "I think we (Tar Heels) have a chance.”

One thing is for certain, Tar Heel Nation, Kennedy Meeks will give Andrew Wiggins his best pitch this week.