WWE: What Big Show's Chokeslam Ban Could Mean for Undertaker in the Future

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIApril 1, 2013


The chokeslam is a move that has helped make superstars like Big Show, Undertaker and Kane the legends they are. It has finished hundreds of competitors, some on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Recently in a radio interview on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C., Big Show made it known that he is no longer allowed to pretend to chokeslam fans, or put his hands around their necks.

He said (via wrestlinginc.com): "I've gotten enough letters from our legal department, I don't pick anybody up anymore or fake chokeslam."

The bigger thing is, will the WWE eventually ban the move from being used in matches. Could the Chokeslam soon be permanently no longer allowed to be used in the WWE?

Is the devastating maneuver going to join the piledriver, head punts and chair shots to the dome?

We have seen the WWE make efforts to protect their superstars and make things safer in the company. So banning the choke slam from in-ring competition is not to far-fetched.

If this actually comes true, what does it mean for The Undertaker going forward? Does this mean his match with CM Punk might be missing the chokeslam, as a test to see if it would take away from the match?

The three big moves that Taker has used throughout the years have been the Last Ride, the chokeslam and the Tombstone Piledriver. We have seen him need to use a combination of those moves in order to put down his opponents and keep his WrestleMania streak alive. 

The variation in finishing moves has helped make Undertaker's matches more exciting and left us on the edge of our seats on more than one occasion. So taking away moves that have a higher risk on their superstars, could potentially take away from the quality and excitement of the matches. 

The punishment for using the move, if it becomes banned, would most likely be a fine. So, I don't think that would scare off Undertaker, Kane or Big Show from using the move.

In the match of CM Punk vs. John Cena on the Feb. 25, 2013 edition of Monday Night Raw, Punk used a piledriver on Cena. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon was furious over Punk and Cena's decision to use the move, but it helped make the match one of the most memorable matches in recent history.

Another thing to think about is the fact that the Tombstone move that Undertaker uses is a variation of the piledriver, and it's much more dangerous than the chokeslam. But because it is Undertaker, he is allowed to continue using the move. Which is similar to New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera being allowed to wear No. 42, even though it is retired throughout baseball to honor Jackie Robinson.

So it is possible that the WWE would allow Undertaker to use the chokeslam, even if it does get banned. 

When I am watching Undertaker take on Punk at WrestleMania this year, I fully expect to see Taker hit Punk with at least one chokeslam. 

While the move is currently only banned outside the ring, it is something to think about because I wouldn't be surprised if the WWE were to start banning more dangerous moves.