Liverpool FC: One Word to Describe Eight Liverpool Players

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIApril 4, 2013

Liverpool FC: One Word to Describe Eight Liverpool Players

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    Liverpool have slipped from their dizzy heights of the 1980s and have found themselves amongst a group of sides fighting for the top four. Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and the Reds are all fighting for champions league places, and this season, the four London sides have been a shade better than Liverpool. Next season, though, Liverpool will return to the league (hopefully) bolstered by new signings, and raring to go.

    For the most part, though, it will be Liverpool's current crop of players that will be leading the charge next season. In this article, I will try and find the word that best describes the Liverpool in question.

Jordan Henderson

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    Jordan Henderson emerged from a fairly torrid first season in Red disappointed, frustrated and unsure where his future lay. In his first couple of games, he looked to be the same disappointing player Liverpool fans thought he was. However, recently, Henderson has added steel to his game. The England U21 captain has looked full of confidence, and that has allowed his ability to finally shine through.

    He has looked keen and hungry, eager to earn his place in the side and work to retain it. His work ethic is second to none, and the Anfield faithful love him for it.

    He has been one of Liverpool's best midfielders so far, and it has been his determination that has allowed him to become that.

Martin Skrtel

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    The word isn't clever or deep by any stretch of the imagination.

    It is simply the word that will flash into each and every Liverpool fans' mind when questioned about the Slovakian this season. This season, Skrtel has been less than a shadow of his former self. He has looked clumsy, rash and lost. 

    He's been a liability, and being sold in the summer isn't unlikely.

Philippe Coutinho

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    In every sense of the word. Philippe Coutinho has provided Liverpool with a flair and a spark that was previously only provided by Luis Suarez. He has given Liverpool an extra dimension in the sense that he has the ability to drop his shoulder and beat a man, or play a pass that you would've sworn impossible.

    He has also shown Reds fans that Brendan Rodgers knows how to capture a young player on the cheap, and if his signing is anything to go by, the summer transfer window will be a positive one.

Glen Johnson

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    For me, Johnson has been one of Liverpool's best players this season. Offensively, he is always dangerous cutting in and opening up spaces to shoot of play teammates in. Defensively, he has improved beyond belief and should always be one of the first names on the team-sheet.

    Yet, I don't recall him being named man of the match, or fans cheering his name, willing him on, to improve even further. Be it because he is always in someone's shadow or fans generally prefer to acknowledge attacking players, Johnson, to me at least, hasn't received the recognition deserved.

Daniel Agger

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    Daniel Agger is, without doubt, one of the most loved Liverpool players in the current squad. His ability and friendly nature mixed in with a blend of rare loyalty has won the fans over and resulted in many calling for his name to be top of the vice-captaincy replacement list.

    His injuries have subsided, allowing Agger to become one of the very best central defenders in the world, thus attracting interest from clubs such as Barcelona. The Danish captain has ridiculed any speculation of leaving Liverpool with a tattoo on his hand: YNWA.

    That's why the fans love him- he loves the club.

    ...and he's also quite good at football. That helps.

Luis Suarez

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    Suarez is the best player in the Premier League.

    I should probably add "in my opinion" to that. Suarez has everything in his locker. The runs off the ball, the ability to beat a player where you would've sworn it impossible, the vision, the accuracy, the flair...he's got it.

    He's been in blistering form this season and without him, Liverpool would be lost in the lower realms of the Barclays Premier League table.

    But what is it that makes him so effective?

    His unpredictability. You don't know quite what El Pistolero is going to do until he's done it, simply because you can't rule anything out.

    Unfortunately, the reason I chose unpredictable is also because of a) his tendency to act rashly off the ball (though that area of his game is radically improved, though no one seems to notice that) and b) we can't be sure whether he will be with Liverpool next season.

Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard

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    I could think of no other word that could encapsulate the importance of these two scousers to Liverpool football club. They're loyal. They're fantastic footballers. They're homegrown. They're genuine people. Stevie and Carra represent everything a Liverpool player could ever hope to be.

    In terms of service to Liverpool Football Club, they are fairly equal. Sure, Gerrard has been Liverpool captain and has brought Liverpool out of the depths time and time again, but could he have done it without the leadership and character of his second in command?

    I don't think so. Therefore, for the purpose of this slide, they shall be equal, as according to me, they should be.

    They will be forever loved at Anfield and they will be sticking around in some way for years to come.