Danish Golfer Takes off Pants, Hits Amazing Pants-Less Wonder Shot onto Green

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 1, 2013

Too close for pants, switching to boy shorts.

While playing in the Trophee Hassan II tournament in Morocco, Danish professional golfer Andreas Harto hit a shot perilously near a water hazard on the sloping side of the green.

Due to its proximity to the pond, Harto would have to stand in the water in order to have a chance at getting the ball on the green.

Naturally, Harto took his shoes off for the attempt. Then off came the socks—another sensible call for a man looking to avoid wet feet. That’s how you get trench foot. 

But suddenly his pants were on the ground.

Yes, after removing his foot apparel, Harto stripped down to his tight purple skivvies and climbed down to the side of the embankment. The pants-less man then chipped a king-hell of a shot, dropping the ball 15 feet away from the hole.

After the chip, Harto clambered up the hill and began drying off before realizing he needed to mark his spot on the green. A consummate professional, the golfer promptly shuffled across the green in his underwear like a kid trying not to run around the pool, presumably muttering about “what a real man looks like” as he marked his ball.

Harto didn't win the tournament, but he won in life after this shot.

The bards will write songs of Andreas Harto and his pants-less wonder shot for ages to come, and men in beer halls across Europe will toast to his good health and patterned underoos. I can hear them now:

His ball was wet, but his trousers were dryyy...

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