WWE Hall of Fame 2013: Why Stevie Ray's Induction Speech Could Steal the Show

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistApril 3, 2013

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Before Booker T became a five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time, five-time WCW Champion, he was part of a great WCW tag team called Harlem Heat.

He and his partner and brother, Stevie Ray, moved up the ranks of the tag team division, starting in 1993. They became WCW Tag Team champions ten times. Harlem Heat went their separate ways, where Booker T went on to have a great singles career, winning numerous titles—including the World Heavyweight title—during his stint with the WWE.

In a few days, Booker T will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Who will induct Booker T in the Hall? You could make a strong case for Goldust, Booker T’s tag team partner in the WWE. But a more obvious choice is Stevie Ray.

If Stevie Ray inducts Booker T, his induction speech could steal the show.

Ray and Booker are brothers (Lash and Booker Huffman, respectively). They’ve been on the road since their days as the Ebony Experience during the Dallas-based Global Wrestling Federation, starting in 1987.

Could you imagine the stories Ray can tell, not just from their days as a tag team, but from their family?

The brothers grew up together in Houston, Texas, and spent much of their youth without their father. Ray stepped in when their parents died and helped raise Booker. Add that to their past, including Booker’s time in prison, and we could witness a very emotional story.

Keep in mind the countless wrestling stories, with their feuds against the Outsiders and Public Enemy, among others. Ray must be so proud of his brother being able to avoid a terrible street life and becoming not just the wrestler, but also the man he is today.

Unfortunately, probably only the live crowd will hear Ray's stories. Booker T's induction reportedly will not be televised, according to Cageside Seats. Everyone else will have to wait for the WrestleMania XXIX DVD.

Regardless, brotherhood trumps all others when it comes to inductions. Stevie Ray seems like a no-brainer to induct Booker T into the Hall of Fame. It would make a great, passionate story and solidify Booker’s journey if his brother inducted him.

If Stevie Ray inducts him, everyone will be talking.