New York Knicks: Donnie Walsh In, Isiah Thomas Out

Ralph isaacAnalyst IApril 2, 2008

I could hear Knicks fan screaming right now : "What took you so ******* long?". Yes, and that's pretty much the reaction of every NBA and non-NBA fans alike. The rarity known as Isiah Thomas has made bad decisions after bad decisions. He's turned the Knicks from a marquee franchise to a retirement home for NBA players looking to spend their money without any real effort on the court.

Saying that Isiah Thomas mismanaged the Knicks would be an understatement...His tenure there has been a colossal failure. While others might disagree with me, I say his biggest mistake was firing Larry Brown while keeping Stephon Marbury. He picked Marbury, a player who refused to play for the Wolves because he felt they disrespected him by offering him a $68 million contract compared to KG's $100 million contract. And that's the same player who threatened to air Isiah's dirty laundry out if Isiah suspended him. Not to mention, every single player in the Knicks locker room, couldn't stand Marbury. I could go on about his weird  interview on live TV last summer, but that's a story for another day.

He gave players like Quentin Richardson a $50 million contract. And how did Quentin repay Isiah?? He gained 25 pounds and forgot how to play basketball. And still today, I lament on how stupid it was of him to sign Richardson instead of Joe Johnson who was a better scorer and a better shooter than Richardson in both 2 and 3 point field goals. 

I give him credit for turning Eddy Curry into an offensive force down low and how does he repay him? He trades for notorious locker room killer Zach Randolph, whose game is a mirror image of Curry's. And Randolph didn't disappoint neither. Here's an account of a particular play: "Nate Robinson dribbles between his leg the passes to Randolph(PF) who was at the top of the key, he tries to emulate Robinson and the ball flies out of his hand, he runs after it and avoided a back-court violation. he then proceeds to dribble between his leg and hoist up a 3........ AIR-BALL! ball goes out of bounds and turnover on Knicks!"

I still think it was wrong for him to fire Larry Brown who I think figured out what type of situation he was in once his team practiced for the first time. Marbury didn't want to play the way Brown wanted him to. Yes, the same way Billups and Iverson had before. Ask Iverson and Billups who was the best coach he ever played for, they'd answer  Larry Brown without any hesitation.

And it says a lot when your 2 best players are Nate Robinson(21st pick) and David Lee(30th pick), two players who would bench players on any good teams around the league. I'll say this, Isaiah Thomas has a good eye for drafting talent but his decisions on acquisitions through free agency and trade, are downright criminal. It took him 4 years to destroy what was built in 57 years... You need talent to be able to pull that off....