12 Celebrities Who Will Never Go into the WWE Hall of Fame

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2013

12 Celebrities Who Will Never Go into the WWE Hall of Fame

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    Even though wrestling has a bit of a stigma in the mainstream, the WWE has been able to attract quite a few big celebrities to its shows over the years.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, John McCain, Halle Berry, Muhammad Ali, Pamela Anderson, Floyd Mayweather, Hugh Jackman and countless other sports heroes, TV personalities and movie stars have appeared on WWE programming.

    A few years ago, WWE started up its own celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame with members including Pete Rose, William Perry, Bob Uecker, Mike Tyson and Drew Carey. At WrestleMania 29, Donald Trump will be inducted as well.

    WWE would love to have many others celebrities become enshrined in the Hall someday. But, there are others who the company would probably rather forget it ever did business with.

    Here is a list of celebrities who, for one reason or another, will never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

John Bobbitt

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    Why he’s famous:

    John Bobbitt is famous for one thing and one thing only: having his “thing” cut off by his ex-wife.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    Back in the Attitude era, Val Venis was engaged in a feud with Kaientai. Mr. Venis took a shine to Yamaguchi-San's wife, and the two had a brief affair. To even the score, Yamaguchi-San attempted to cut off Venis’ “pee pee” (his words, not mine) with a samurai sword.

    Fans waited in baited breath to find out the status of a possible dismembered member, and Venis came out to his theme song with Bobbitt in tow. Why?   

    Well, because as Venis was about to be castrated, Bobbitt turned off the lights so Yamaguchi-San missed. Why exactly Bobbitt was in that exact location, at that exact moment when this was about to happen is a great question.

    What made this story stranger was that this was a whole five years after Bobbitt's stroke of bad luck. The joke was already a bit dated.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    WWE would have to fall on some pretty hard times for it to consider Bobbitt for the Hall of Fame. While it would be hilarious in one sense, it would be incredibly sad in the other. With the PG era in full effect, this one just isn’t ever happening.

Ben Stiller

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    Why he’s famous:

    You may or may not have heard, but Ben Stiller is one of the biggest comic actors on the planet.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    Stiller showed up one week to promote his new movie Mystery Men. Unfortunately for him, he was captured on GTV saying how hot he thought Debra McMichael was. Jeff Jarrett was none too pleased about this.

    In a pretty cool moment, Jarrett attacked Stiller and then slapped the figure-four on him. Sadly, that was the end of the feud between the two. 

    Years later, Stiller showed up again, this time via a video interview to promote Tropic Thunder


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    You’d have to think that showing up in the WWE Hall of Fame would be a bit beneath Stiller at this point in his career. Maybe if he falls on some hard times, he could be talked into it, but he’ll probably make 15 more Night at the Museum movies before that happens.

The Miller Lite Catfight Girls

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    Why they’re famous:

    Years ago, in simpler times, two attractive women got into an argument over why they choose to drink Miller Lite. Was it because it tastes great? Or was it because it was less filling?

    Apparently the only way to solve this was to rip each other’s clothes off.  


    When they appeared in WWE:

    The two set aside their differences to take on Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson at WrestleMania 19. No ring could hold these four, so the match was decided on a bed. With pillows. 

    Despite the two commercial stars being known solely for tearing off their clothes, the only clothes lost in that match were Jonathan Coachman’s.


    Why they’ll never be inducted:

    In terms of all time famous commercial acts, these two are below Flo the Progressive woman, The Sonic Guys and The Noid.

James Roday

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    Why he’s famous:

    James Roday is one of the guys on the moderately popular USA TV show Psych.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    Roday appeared on WWE TV when he was a guest ring announcer for The Miz. He was actually pretty good.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    He’s on Psych, and I can’t imagine too many people would get overly excited about him entering the Hall.

Mario Lopez

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    Why he’s famous:

    It’s all right, because Mario Lopez was A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    Lopez appeared on Sunday Night Heat in the late '90s to help promote his new show Pacific Blue. Since it too was airing on the USA network, it was an unnaturally natural fit that they cross promote.

    So what did Slater do?

    Well, he took it to Val Venis after the two started exchanging words at ringside. Too bad for Venis—he got taken down by the much smaller actor and never got his revenge.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    Mr. Belding won’t let him out of detention, or more likely, he was involved in a mini-feud with a mid-carder that is long forgotten. 

G. Gordon Liddy

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    Why He’s Famous:

    G. Gordon Liddy played an important part in America's history when he organized the Watergate break-ins on the Democratic Committee Headquarters in 1972.

    This in turn eventually led do the downfall of Richard Nixon as president, and landed Liddy in prison for over four years for burglary, illegal wiretapping and conspiracy.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    For some inexplicable reason, he was one of the guest time keepers at WrestleMania 2.  

    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    Liddy is now in his 80's and hasn't been in the headlines in quite some time, so an entry would be incredibly random and bizarre... but perhaps entertaining.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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    Why he’s famous:

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the teen heartthrob from Home Improvement.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    JTT (as the kids used to call him in the day) was the special guest time keeper at WrestleMania XI. 


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    A time keeper has yet to be inducted in any Hall of Fame anywhere; it’s doubtful that this former child star will blaze that trail.

Kevin Federline

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    Why he’s famous:

    Kevin Federline was once married to Britney Spears for two years. He is also known for his colossally awful rap album.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    In 2006, K-Fed (as the kids used to call him... I think) was a thorn in John Cena’s side. He cost him his match at the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view and later faced off against him one-one-one on Raw.

    Amazingly, Federline won the no disqualification match against WWE's top star. Yes, he actually pinned Cena, a feat that 90 percent of the roster will never experience.

    Just let that sink in a minute.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    Federline’s 15 minutes of fame were up long ago. There’d be no reason to remind the fans that one failed rapper lost to another on Raw.

Sy Sperling

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    Why he’s famous:

    Sy Sperling wasn’t just the president of Hair Club for Men, he was also a member.


    When he appeared in WWE:

    Sperling placed a wig on top of Howard Finkel’s head at WrestleMania X. Hilarity ensued.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    Go around town and ask 100 people who Sy Sperling is.


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    Why he’s famous:

    Steve-O was a member of MTV's hit show Jackass


    When he appeared in WWE:

    In 2007, Steve-O and Chris "Party Boy" Pontius showed up on Raw to just have a good time. Unfortunately for them, a good time was not had at all.

    The two angered Armando Alejandro Estrada, and he set his Samoan Bulldozer Umaga after them. As you can guess, the two were quickly and painfully destroyed.


    Why he’ll never be inducted:

    Watch the footage in this match, and you can see that Steve-O isn't quite co-operating. Umaga legitimately looks pissed off and takes a few stiff shots at the reality star when he doesn't sell his moves. 

    Besides all that, the Jackass craze is long gone, and Steve-O is more of a fond memory of our reckless youth than a true star these days. 

Raven Symone

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    Why she’s famous:

    Raven Symone is maybe best known for her run as Olivia on The Cosby Show. She also had her own show on The Disney Channel. 


    When she appeared in WWE:

    She showed up at WrestleMania 24 to point out 50 Make-A-Wish kids that WWE had brought to the show. As you know, WWE does a lot of charitable deeds and likes to let us know about those deeds constantly. 

    During Symone's brief appearance, Jim Ross promoted her website and Jerry Lawler actually said, "I check that site out all the time, I'm a huge Raven Symone fan!"


    Why she’ll never be inducted:

    Basically, it would just be kind of weird. Sadly though, she probably has a better chance of a Hall of Fame induction than the other Raven.

Clara Peller

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    Why she's famous:

    Clara Peller was the "Where's the beef?" lady from the Wendy's commercials in the '80s, which was one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time.  


    When she appeared in WWE:

    She was the guest time keeper for the battle royal at WrestleMania 2. 


    Why she'll never be inducted:

    Well, she died over 25 years ago. So she has that going against her.