Arizona Cardinals Seek New Training Camp Location for 2013

Andrew NordmeierContributor IIIMarch 29, 2013

The Cardinals stretch out at camp before the 2012 season.
The Cardinals stretch out at camp before the 2012 season.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Fans of the Arizona Cardinals won't have the relief of cooler weather at higher elevation in Flagstaff, Ariz. to welcome them when they go visit the team's training camp in 2013. 

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, a deal couldn't be reached between the team and Northern Arizona University, so the Cardinals will need to find a new location for camp. 

The team and university tried to work out a three-year deal, but it fell apart. A one-year deal was also on the table, but it was also declined. The two sides failed to come to an agreement for financial reasons.

"Examples of that include NAU charging fans for parking for the first time ever and adding a commission to Cardinals merchandise sold at training camp," Cardinals representative Mark Dalton said in the article. "Additionally problematic were restrictions placed by the university on team marketing and advertising rights that didn't exist previously."

NAU is seeking other organizations that might be interested in using its facilities to fill the gap left behind by the Cardinals' departure. 

"NAU is moving forward after a nearly 25-year partnership with the Cardinals," Tom Bauer, the director of NAU's Office of Public Affairs, said in an article on "It has been a good run, but we are acting in the best interest of the university just as the Cardinals are acting in the best interest of the team."

So, where could the Cardinals go? Options will be limited due to the sweltering summers in the Phoenix area where daytime temperatures can easily exceed 100 degrees on a daily basis. 

The city of Prescott, Ariz. submitted a bid back in December to host the Cardinals at the site of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University according to the Daily Sun. The city previously hosted the Cardinals in 2005 when an outbreak of norovirus in Flagstaff forced the team to relocate camp for that summer. 

The other option would be the city of Glendale, Ariz., where the Cardinals play their home games at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Daily Courier (Prescott) reported that Glendale is the front-runner to host camp. 

The Arizona Republic reported that an inflatable bubble could be built near the Cardinals' stadium, but the space they are looking to build on is currently used for youth sports. The bubble would cost $4 million to build. 

Regardless of what the Cardinals do, Larry Fitzgerald and company have just under four months to get this all nailed down before training camps start in late July.