Six Degrees of Penetration: A Syracuse Football Experiment

Danny CarberryContributor IApril 19, 2009

PISCATAWAY, NJ - NOVEMBER 25:  Ryan Bukeviev #9 of the Syracuse University Orange looks to the bench for instructions against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on November 25, 2006 at Rutgers Stadium in Piscataway, New Jersey.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The Syracuse Football campaign got off to a curious start this past Saturday on a beautiful 70 degree, low humidity day inside a giant white bubble perched on a hill high above the city of Syracuse.

I didn't have the opportunity to be in attendance, nor would I ever really go to watch spring football, since it's, well, spring football. I did have a few hombres from E-Town make the trip and had the chance to sit behind the SU Bench and listen to the ramblings of the days festivities.

From what I was told, it was a complete cluster of choice words, dance moves, and Coach Marrone dropping F-Bombs like he was auditioning for New Jack City II. Donnie Webb and Dave Rahme did a nice but PC summary of the game, which, as I heard, was pretty difficult to witness in person.

Outside of the penalties, poor executed plays, guys on the sidelines not watching the game, classic F-bombs from Coach Marrone, Mike Williams rapping, and an attendance that would of been embarrassing even to the SU lacrosse team, everything seemed pretty tight.


Coach Marrone must have been a sailor in his previous life. The Bronx native apparently has no censor on the field, and my one buddy heard him tell the offensive line that they are "playing like a f***ing D3 state school." Ouch.

I don't mind a few F-Bombs,  especially if it refers to a sloppy play that mimics the SUNY Brockport practice squad. Give 'em hell, Doug, and get that offensive line in ship-shape.

Mike Williams

He had a play where he literally jumped through the ceiling of the Dome to make a catch over Kevyn Scott. My boys said that he was far and above the only premier athlete that Syracuse has on their squad.

This is both good and scary. Mike also likes to rap on the sideline. He was treating a few young coeds to some of his skills while slugging down some "G" after that play.

Penalty flags

The whole scrimmage was stopped every few minutes because of flags being thrown. I was told it was like watching a group of sixth graders playing Red Light-Green light. Again, Coach was so fired up that he started grabbing face masks and telling them that they were f***ing, f***ed, f****ed.

F***ed up scoring method

This is a scoring system that produced a final score of 134-95 in favor of the offense. What the hell does that mean? It sounds like Bo Kimble played for the SU offense against Santa Clara back in 1989. That offense wouldn't have put up a touchdown against the North Division small fry champions, Clay Panthers. Why don't we just count touchdowns instead of going A Beautiful Mind at a spring scrimmage?

Andrew Robinson is the new Hulk

Does Andrew Robinson spell Mr. Olympia? My friends said that he must have gained at least 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. This guy is getting ready to steamroll some outside linebackers. Apparently, he was by far the most aggressive offensive player on the few plays he got in, and during warm ups.


It was a spring game, so what did we get out of this? Nothing. Spring games are hyped up during offseason practices. They are made for the media, community, and players. You will never be able to dial in on anything during these scrimmages. The bad part is that you can immediately point out the issues, and we had a lot of them on Saturday.

As a die hard Syracuse football season ticket holder, I am preparing for a tough next couple of years. Did I just say that? Is it 2005 right now?