The Good and Bad of WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 19, 2009


Gail Kim vs. Maryse: Not a fan of the women's division, but I feel if they had stayed on the same show we could of seen some decent matches between these two.

John Morrison: The start of a big push for Morrison...Hopefully.

Orton and HHH promo: Orton showed his heel character by not coming out to face HHH face to face. Right thing to do so that their is no physical contact until RAW or Backlash possibly. HHH did well to frustrate Orton, who was good on the mic, which is always the case these days.

The Undertaker vs. Shelton Benjamin: Another fantastic performance by these two, and I am really looking forward for a program to start between these two.

The Undertaker had to win as it was his second match since Wrestlemania (he faced Matt Hardy on WWE Superstars). I really do hope a proper feud starts to materialise soon.

Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP: Even though I love MVP, Ziggler needed the win more. He needs a finisher to become a mid-card wrestler but not a bad start to a possible push.

However he needs to drop the stupid gimmick. It doesn't sound as bad as it looked, MVP losing, and was a good match. MVP dominated until roll up.

Batista vs. Ted DiBiase: Good match for two wrestlers who have not wrestled much recently. Made Ted look strong, but a win for Batista was the right move. Now I have seen more of Ted and Cody in the ring, they look good and make Legacy look stronger.

The Overall Show: I thought it was a good wrestling show and am actually more excited about this show then RAW at the moment, because there are going to be a lot of pushes to the main events for the mid-carders.



Ignoring the Draft: I thought after the draft wrestlers would stick to their own brand. Obviously not. They had two promos for the RAW main event at Backlash (HHH and Orton, Batista vs. DiBiase). They also had three other RAW members wrestling. I hope they all stick to their respective brands sooner rather than later.

Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy: Boring match which took to long to get started and then when it did it was just headbutts and punches. Lightened up slightly when Matt came out and was a cool spot where Jeff used The Big Show as a springboard to cross body over the top ropes on to Matt. It was basically a squash match with Jeff getting no offence on Big Show.

The Gayt Khali: Just why?? Fit woman, though. I always think he is going to squash the women he is going to kiss.

Another loss for R-Truth: I would of rather have Morrisson win but why at the expense of Truth. He is turning into a jobber and could get lost  in the mid-card or worse.

No Shelton music: Why should we not see Shelton's music just to find time for The Undertaker's. Impressive entrance, but how long does it take?

MVP as a face: No reaction from the crowd and I think a heel turn is necessary. Nice to experiment, but it is not working at all. He is a better heel anyway. Let's hope the loss to Ziggler is not things to come for MVP on RAW.

No Jericho: Would of like to see one of Jericho's rants or a match so he could cause an instant impact on the Smackdown roster. Can't have everything, I suppose.