The Fall and Rise of Legends (UFC 97 Results )

tyler griggsContributor IApril 19, 2009

 Well another night of good fights. UFC 97 had some very good matchups. Some of the less important fights but still very exciting would be Krzysztof Soszynski vs Brian Stann.

The former Ultimate Fighter standout Soszynski did very well in this fight. Controlling his opponent very well on the ground and eventually getting the victory via submission (kimura or armlock).

In the heavyweight division Cheick Kongo did very well with his bout against Antoni Hardonk. Kongo ended their fight in the second round via TKO due to strikes. Kongo did very well in this fight adding onto his win streak.

Now this might just bring Kongo into title shot range. I myself wouldn't mind seeing him fight Mir or Lesnar, whoever should win that fight at UFC 100.

Now it gets to the bad part. Chuck Liddell, what can I say. He has been one of my favorite fighters for as long as I can remember. But at 39 years old it does get hard to keep that fight alive and to train that extra length.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Liddell trained incredibly hard for this fight. What I'm saying is you have to know when to step down. I mentioned in a previous article what I wanted to see out of Chuck Liddell this year. I would like to see one more good fight out of Chuck.

The results of the Liddell vs Rua fight are Rua first round via TKO. Chuck got caught with a punch and fell. He didn't recover in time to intelligently defend himself and the referee stopped it.

All I can say now is Thank You to Chuck for all of the incredible moments from him. I got into this because I saw him coaching on the Ultimate Fighter a several of years ago. Liddell announced tonight that he is going to talk with the family and report back to the UFC.

Now to the Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites fight. This fight was another kind of "what the hell?" kind of fight. Leites wanted the fight on the ground. Silva didn't want the fight there because he knew of Leites history being a world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

So most of the fight, everytime a takedown or something caused the fight to go to the ground, Silva threw some leg kicks then the referee stood Leites up. Pretty much the whole fight Leites laid on his back waiting for Silva to come to the ground.

Silva went on to win due to Unanimous decision after five rounds of that back and forth. I blame this not on Silva but on Leites. Silva was getting frustrated after the fourth round, but stood with his game plan by staying up off the ground.

Silva goes onto having the biggest win-streak in UFC history. He is right behind Matt Hughes in Title Defenses. Silva has five defenses and Hughes has seven. Speaking of Matt Hughes, his last fight will be on the next UFC card against Matt Serra.

It was mentioned that Silva weighed in very light about three pounds lighter than what he should have weighed. They spoke of George St. Pierre stepping up to fight Silva for the Middleweight title. But first Pierre has to go through his fight at UFC 100 against Alves.

Well I would like to end saying thanks to the fighters that are mentioned to retire (Hughes and Liddell) for all of their great bouts and title reigns. Good luck to Silva to keep finding new challengers to his belt and new challenges in his career.