WWE Superstar The Miz: Has He Solidified Himself as a Future Hall of Famer?

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIMarch 29, 2013

Photo from www.themizonline.com
Photo from www.themizonline.com

Two-Time Slammy Award winner, Triple Crown Champion, 2010 Mr. Money in The Bank, Two-Time World Tag Team Champion, Two-Time United States Champion, Former Intercontinental Champion, Three-Time WWE Tag Team Champion, and former WWE Champion.

Sounds like the person who has done all this is a Hall of Fame candidate for sure, don't you think? Now, what if I told you this man was a former Reality TV star? What if I told you this man was only 32? What if I told you this man was The Miz? Kind of takes the shine out of a lot of this, doesn't it? Well, it did for me anyway.

It's kind of funny, but I find it kind of odd to hear people say stuff like "did you ever think CM Punk would one day be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania?" I hear a lot of these same people criticize The Miz for being a bad in-ring competitor, asking why he's even considered an upper-midcard/main-event guy?

Then it makes me think back to that guy that JBL would bury night in and night out on Smackdown. Then I have to ask myself "Huh...who'd have thought the guy JBL buried all the time would go on to headline and retain the WWE Championship against John Cena at WrestleMania."

A feat that, ironically enough, John Bradshaw Layfield was unable to do. (Granted, The Rock played a large role in that, but what's done is done.)

I have to think that a lot of people probably thought the same thing, when they took a look at The Miz as he made his way down to the ring at WrestleMania 27 to face John Cena. Honestly, I don't think anyone ever saw it coming.

Quite frankly, I was never a huge fan of The Miz. I liked him during his time as one half of The Greatest Tag Team of The 21st Century with John Morrison...but even then, if you asked me which half of that team would go on to be WWE Champion and headline WrestleMania, I would have said John Morrison...and I think a lot of people were under the same impression.

Yet, here we are with just a few more days to go until WrestleMania 29. John Morrison is set to star in a horror film entitled The Factory while The Miz faces Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship in his bid to hold the title for the second time in his career.

It amazes me how far The Miz has come and how much his stock has risen, when I'm sure very few people if any, had faith in him as a WWE Superstar.

Not only does The Miz have a laundry list of accolades that would even make some current Hall of Fame members envious, Miz has had some pretty defining moments in his career.

Winning his first WWE Tag Team Title with then-frenemy John Morrison (although little known fact, not the first time the duo teamed up), winning The United States Championship from Kofi Kingston, unveiling his WWE Magazine cover, and who could forget the video package played by The Miz before his WrestleMania 27 headlining match against John Cena?

Along with in-ring accomplishments, Miz has also become a favored son of the WWE outside of the ring. Miz has been on several talk shows, including three appearances on Conan. Miz, of course, had his first starring role in The Marine 3: Homefront, and will be starring alongside WWE Superstars CM Punk and former WWE Diva Eve Torres in Queen of the Ring.

He was also featured in one of Mick Foley's children's' books, and can be seen several times on the red carpet along with the lovely Maryse.

It's a tough pill to swallow, and even I'm having a tough time thinking about it...but I think The Miz may very well be a Hall of Fame candidate. The scary part is, The Miz is still pretty young. He could easily go for another five or 10 years, depending on his personal plans and barring any severe injury or sudden urge to retire.

Say what you want about his ring work, say what you want about his attitude, say what you want period. You think guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena had it tough? Think of the road The Miz has had to walk.

Look at his resume and tell me he hasn't earned his spot in the elite of the WWE past and present. Look at him, and tell me you don't see a Hall of Fame candidate.