WWE: Triple H Is the Best Thing Going for the WWE Right Now

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIMarch 28, 2013

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 16: Triple H attends a press conference to announce a major international event at MetLife Stadium on February 16, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images)
Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

In the words of CM Punk in his famous pipe bomb speech, "I'd like to think that maybe this company will be better after Vince McMahon is dead. But the fact is, it's gonna get taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law..."

"Doofus son-in-law" obviously refers to Triple H and his growing power and authority behind the scenes of the WWE. However, I could not disagree more with Punk, because Triple H is currently the best thing going for the company.

Currently, Triple H is still a part-time wrestler, but he is also the Executive Vice President of Talent and Live Events. His job is to oversee the talent relations and talent development departments, training of wrestlers and recruitment. In addition to his talent responsibilities, Triple H has worked as a director and producer of the creative angles and storylines of the WWE.

Triple H has had one of the most successful professional wrestling careers of all time, which includes eight WWE Championships, five World Heavyweight Championships, five Intercontinental Championships and three Tag Team Championships.

While his in-ring action has been limited to special appearances in the past several years, he is still a major draw and features in one of the top three matches at WrestleMania this year.

If you combine his performances inside the squared circle with the impact he is making behind the scenes, there is no doubt Triple H is the most valuable asset the company has right now.

Triple H is the perfect person to take over running the WWE. Triple H is obviously a household name, which makes the transition from Vince McMahon much easier. Had the new boss been a new character or person we weren't familiar with, the chances of the WWE Universe accepting him would be less likely.

Also, Triple H is enough of a veteran to understand the ins and the outs of the business. He was also around during the Attitude Era, which is seen by many as the Golden Age of professional wrestling. He is also only 43 years old, so he is young enough to keep up with what is current and what the new members of the WWE Universe want.

When Triple H was getting started in professional wrestling, he was trained by Killer Kowalski. Now Triple H has a big hand in training up-and-coming talent to be WWE superstars.

So far, he has made some significant changes that should improve the company.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestleZone.com), Triple H has implemented a new system that will help young talent become stronger on the mic. Instead of memorizing full lines, he is teaching the developmental talents to work with bullet points.

This change in how superstars will cut promos will allow them to show their own personality. It will also provide some diversity among superstars.

Triple H is also responsible for the influx of the new talent from NXT. We have seen superstars like Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Big E Langston and the three members of The Shield have significant roles in the WWE recently.

The future of the company relies on the young talent that is going to be the next generation of superstars. Triple H has pretty much complete control over the developmental talent, so the success of the new superstars is a testament to what he is doing with them.

Triple H also had his hands in the recent resurgence of the tag team division. At its peak, the WWE had popular tag teams like the Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, the New Age Outlaws and the Dudley Boys.

In recent years, the WWE had abandoned the importance of tag team action, but now teams like Team Hell No, the Prime Time Players and Rhodes Scholars have brought back the relevance of the division. While it is not on the level it once was, the tag team competition is on its way up.

While Punk may have taken a shot at him in his infamous pipe bomb speech, Triple H has reportedly supported longer title reigns to help make the belts prestigious again. This became apparent as Punk held the WWE Championship for over 430 days.

After years of refusing to accept the offer, Bruno Sammartino is finally going be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Apparently, Triple H was the person who was able to convince the legend to accept the invitation at last. This shows the influence Triple H has among the legends of the company as well as the young talent.

Triple H has made a huge impact on the WWE both in and out of the ring, which makes him the best thing going for the company. As he makes more successful decisions, he will gain more power, which would seem to be a good thing.

If you are a fan of the WWE, you have to be comfortable with where the company will be with Triple H, once Vince McMahon is no longer in the picture.