WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 29, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    With WrestleMania 29 nearly on its way, Twitter and Facebook featured buzz about the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and the WWE title.

    As usual, WWE looked back on some of its intriguing history and shared some Superstar ink. The Rock, Arn Anderson and Arnold Schwarzenegger all played a part in this week's WWE social media news.

    Last week, Sean Waltman, the man who wrestled as X-Pac, tweeted about signing a WWE Legends contract. This week, his news was less celebratory as he told the world about tearing an extremely sensitive part of the body.

March 24: Kofi Kingston's Ink

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    WWE has recently used its Instagram page to showcase Superstars' tattoos. As fast as Kofi Kingston moves in the ring, his ink work is often a blur.

    Many of his tattoos are quite cryptic—a series of symbols along his spine.

    He has a turtle, what looks to be a pair of sickles, and some sort of animal horns. The most fitting tats are the wings etched onto his shoulder blades. If there is one thing Kingston can do, it’s fly.

March 25: Urn Anderson

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    In his intensifying rivalry with Undertaker, CM Punk has taken to inciting The Deadman's ire by stealing and desecrating his urn. It's meant also to be a way to use Paul Bearer's recent passing as fire for their feud.

    Punk even turned to his Twitter account for his latest urn antics. He had Arn Anderson pose with Urn Anderson and shared it with the world.

    Ladies and gentlemen. I give you....Urn Anderson. twitter.com/CMPunk/status/…

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) March 25, 2013

    Some fans may view these latest acts as going too far. Some may consider perfect heel behavior.

    Urn Anderson got at least a few people talking. The tweet has more than 3,500 retweets.

March 25: Arnold to Induct Bruno

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    It is official. The former governor of California will induct Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will usher his friend into the Hall in a ceremony at Madison Square Garden that is shaping up to be quite a star-studded event.

    On its Facebook page, WWE posted links to an exclusive interview with Sammartino and an article about The Terminator inducting the Italian Superman. In the piece, Schwarzenegger says of Sammartino, "I was a big admirer of his extraordinary strength."

    Schwarzenegger's involvement with the Hall of Fame ceremony may or may not bring more eyes to the event, but it certainly makes it a bit more interesting.

March 26: Who Invented the RKO?

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    WWE.com has recently been an especially fun place to brush up on history and to delve into interesting WWE facts. Joey Styles tweeted a link to a photoset that accompanies an intriguing article exploring the origin of several popular wrestling moves.

    The history of Randy Orton's RKO, the Sharpshooter, the Shooting Star Press and more are detailed there.

    Who invented the RKO? The innovators behind Pro Wrestling’s best maneuvers wwe.com/classics/sport… PHOTOS wwe.com/classics/the-i… @randyorton

    — Joey Styles (@JoeyStyles) March 26, 2013

    Any reason WWE has to feature Jushin "Thunder" Liger is a good one.

March 27: WWE Championship Gets Some Pub

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    WWE champ The Rock went on Jay Leno recently and didn't bring his WWE title with him. He didn't even mention WrestleMania or WWE. Critics, including ProWrestling.net, pounced on him.

    When appearing on Kelly and Michael, The Rock did just the opposite.

    He gave co-host and former New York Giant, Michael Strahan, a replica WWE title. The Great One also talked about his upcoming WrestleMania match with John Cena, doing his best to hype it to a crowd that likely hadn't heard of the battle beforehand.

    The Rock tweeted a shot of himself, Strahan and guest host Vanessa Williams.

    Loved my time today w/ @vwofficial & @michaelstrahan on @kellyandmichael. Enjoy the roses & @wwe title! #Mahalo twitter.com/TheRock/status…

    — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 27, 2013

March 28: Tough Guys

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    If you thought Chris Masters saving his mom (h/t Los Angeles Times) from a burning apartment building was awesome, be sure to check out the stories WWE shared this week about pro wrestlers in tough-guy situations.

    WWE posted links on its Facebook to a photoset of the toughest wrestlers as well as a story entitled, "The Most Badass Wrestlers Stories Ever Told."

    The piece details the time when Stan Hansen popped Vader's eye out his socket, the story of Andre the Giant vs. a windshield, and a story of Haku biting a chunk out of a dude's back. Besides being entertaining reading, the article provides fans with some interesting tales to tell at parties.

March 28: Sean Waltman's Crazy Injury

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    In a match during Jerry Lynn's retirement show, former WWE star Sean Waltman suffered a freak injury. During an attempted Bronco Buster, Waltman tore his anus.

    Insert your own joke here.

    In his match, you can see Waltman in considerable pain after landing on the bottom turnbuckle. Waltman was later sent to the hospital and apparently lost a significant amount of blood.

    Waltman took the injury in stride, taking to his Twitter account to both share gory details and make light of the incident:

    Thank u everyone for the kind wishes & some funny 1 liners Im sure were hard to pass up. If u cant laugh at yourself, who canu laugh at?

    — Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac) March 28, 2013

    Check out a more R-rated tweet regarding the injury if you so desire here.