Memphis Basketball Will Reload, Not Rebuild Next Year

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Memphis Basketball Will Reload, Not Rebuild Next Year
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For all the Memphis fans developing ulcers worrying about next years team STOP panicking.  Sure the departure of Cal and possibly the best recruiting class since Michigan's "Fab Five" has alot of us singing the blues, but I say good riddance.

Memphis will never be a Kansas, Duke, Indiana, etc because we are Memphis.  All the perceived "elite" programs in the country have a common thread.  Their basketball programs all were developed by coaches and athletic directors that had ties to Naismith and Phogg Allen.  Those guys are dead. 

Why can't Memphis just be Memphis? Why does it matter how we are perceived by outsiders? Do you have to see your team on ESPN to be a fan?

Memphis has its own history; Finch, Kennon, Kirk, "tomb of doom", Lee, 1985, Bartow, Turner, the Coliseum, hating Huggins, hating Crum, hating Drexel (LOL) really I could do this all night.

Do we have to borrow Doc Browns' Delorian and go back 50 years and win a couple championships so we feel validated? I have been to hundreds of Tiger games, we one some and we lost some, but I enjoyed all the games. I would love to win a NC, but what happens the next day....nothing.

I'll still be jonesing for next season like i do every offseason. We have only one significant problem, conference affiliation. The power brokers at Memphis will not let another realignment chance pass by so all we can do is wait and continue to strengthen ALL aspects of the University. 

Moving on to next season there are a few things to consider before jumping from the top of Clark Tower.  Players. We already have extremely good talent.  Kemp was a highly recruited player out of Bolivar he just never reached his potential in Cal's system. 

For the most part Cal had a way a bringing out the worst in alot of players, Scooter, Snap, Barron, etc. Cal put his arm around his coveted recruits and let the rest fall where they may.

Remember fans until the DDM offense we were not on the national radar at all. Anyway Coach P will install a more traditional style run offense that has more set plays, fundamental passing and ball handling schemes, more off the ball player movement, and relentless team defence.

 I bet any coach in CUSA would trade their returning players for the players returning to Memphis.  All CP has to do is recruit a decent PG and a few combos, they dont have to be top 50 players. Anyone enjoy watching Rodney Carney?  Coach P is not a Calipari clone at all, he is a Lute Olsen man.

Olsen had solid players he developed in his offense and Arizona was a steady program for 20 years. Sure he had some one and done type recruits but that never defined Arizona and I think Pastner will do similar things at Memphis. 

What's wrong with having three to four years players anyway, wonder what Roy Williams thinks? So you take the current players ( tag will be back, reke is gone) throw in a couple a recruits and voila. Conference.

The knock has always been we are a giant among midgets right. We are still better than almost every CUSA team, so we go 12-4 and compete in the conference tourney ( not at FEDEX Forum next year). Non Conference schedule. 

Here is the dicey part. CP needs to try and get out of some commitments next year. The Memphis non-cof schedule is strong, maybe too strong.  Drop a big boy or two and get a couple of buy a win teams in here next year we go 10-6.

Boom 22 win season,maybe another CUSA Championship, NCAA bid, maybe a round of 32 or better. See Tigernation all will be fine.

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