WWE Hall of Fame: Ranking Booker T's Greatest Moments from His Team with Goldust

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 28, 2013

WWE Hall of Fame: Ranking Booker T's Greatest Moments from His Team with Goldust

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    Booker T earned his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame by winning championships, putting on fantastic shows in the ring and partly because of his funny and bizarre segments with his partner Goldust.

    One of WWE's weirdest pairings delivered a number memorable moments both in the ring and out.

    The contrast of the cool, confident Booker with the eccentric Goldust popped on the screen. They reviewed movies together, put on various costumes and kicked butt. Goldust and Booker T's team didn't last long, but it provided many a lasting memory.

10. Lumberjacks

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    Booker T and Goldust's odd-couple chemistry was on full display in a segment before a lumberjack match. Booker T took the stipulation quite literally and donned a lumberjack costume. Goldust made eyes at him as usual.

    Goldust sang a lumberjack song, showing the range of his talents.

    This is one of those moments that doesn't sound great on paper, but Goldust's exuberance and Booker T's energy made it work. WWE was also smart in how much time it doled out to this segment. Like several of Bookdust's promos, Booker T and Goldust headed quickly to the punchline and moved on while their comedic momentum was still strong.

9. The Rock

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    Goldust showed off his mimicry skills when he made an impressive impression of The Rock at King of the Ring 2002. Soon the real Brahma Bull showed up and Goldust skittered away.

    Who better to cut into Goldust, to make light of his eccentricities than The Rock?

    Each of the three men in this segment traded their own string of rhymes. Booker T and The Rock's tension was played up well. The same goes for Goldust's ability to make folks uncomfortable with his overly sensual nature.

    The Rock is the star of this show. He controls the direction of the comedy, but Booker T and Goldust insert plenty of their laughs as well.

8. The Un-Americans

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    The Un-Americans, a group of American-hating Canadians, set out to burn the U.S. flag. Lance Storm, Test and Christian stood in the center of the ring and nearly set Old Glory ablaze.

    It was Booker T and Goldust who came to the rescue.

    A brawl ensued, one that left both Booker T and Goldust lying on the outside of the ring. Eventually it was Kane who helped them put an end to the attempted flag burning.

    With the Un-Americans fleeing the scene, Goldust waved the flag in one of the most unlikely patriotic images WWE has produced.

7. Triple H and Ric Flair

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    During this segment on Raw, Goldust's Tourette syndrome flares up in a major way.

    He couldn't get but one or two words out a time. Triple H and Ric Flair have no problem ridiculing him because of it. Cornbread, the world title and male genitalia are among the topics discussed.

    Eventually, Booker T came out to save his friend, resulting in fists flying and the two heels slipping out like cowards. Seeing Booker T knock some humility into Flair and Triple H made the crowd go nuts.

6. The Breakup

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    The bizarre duo couldn't last forever. Goldust and Booker T split up and told a compelling story in the process.

    Goldust felt he was holding back the team. He'd been making far too many mistakes. It was Booker T who was the former world champ while Goldust was the weak link who felt he was letting his friend down.

    The two decided to part ways when they lost a match to William Regal and Lance Storm. Booker T had world championship pursuits on his mind.

    Many of Booker and Goldust's moments are silly, amusing fare. This is one of the more emotional angles they had together.

5. You’re Damn Right I Look Stunning

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    The tension between Goldust and Booker T is mined to perfection in this Raw backstage segment.

    Goldust was feeling abandoned as he and Booker T were not teaming up that night. The Bizarre One thought it best then to have Booker wear his wig to represent their unit.

    It's a simple joke worked to maximum hilarity when these two men take hold of it. A maniacal energy from Booker elevated the bit, making it both highly entertaining and highly memorable.

4. Tag Team Champions

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    The in-ring pinnacle for this team came at Armageddon 2002 when Booker T and Goldust competed in a four-team battle for the tag belts.

    They beat out Lance Storm and William Regal, The Dudley Boyz and Chris Jericho and Christian.

    With blood smeared on his face, Jericho did everything he could to hold onto the belts. He tried to clobber Booker with one of the championship belts, but missed.

    Booker countered that attack into the Book End, and the strange duo of Goldust and Booker T began their run as champions.

3. Jedi Booker

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    One of Goldust's most hilarious costume changes came when he slipped into a Darth Vader costume. The outfit sent Booker T into rant mode.

    He got his hands on the lightsaber and soon had a blast. Booker T's liveliness makes it hard not to laugh. He delivered a fun, energetic performance, making the silly segment shine.

    Booker T and Goldust also get points for originality here. How many times has a Star Wars reference been used alongside a NWO reference?

2. At the Movies

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    It's hard to remember when The Rock being in a movie was a novelty. When he starred in The Scorpion King, Goldust and Booker T took the opportunity to poke fun at The Great One.

    Both Booker and Goldust imagine themselves in the movie. What a different direction the movie would have taken had Goldust taken Rock's spot.

    This bit marks the first Federico Fellini reference in wrestling history. Kudos for that.

    Watch the segment here

1. I’ll Give You a Bite of My Weiner

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    Booker T and Goldust's funniest moment came via some heavy-handed product placement.

    Their relationship had deteriorated because of Goldust slipping up and costing Booker T a match against Rob Van Dam.

    Credit Booker T with turning a segment about 7-Eleven cups and Slurpees into comic gold. He trash talks a cardboard cutout and giggles to himself, gleefully making a fool of himself.

    Goldust uses a Latrell Sprewell jersey and a backwards cap as a disguise. Once he reveals himself to Booker, the two exchange a hilariously awkward moment.

    Check it out here.