Sanders Commings Scouting Report: NFL Outlook for Georgia CB

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIApril 15, 2013

Commings Sanders has the size and physicality that teams love, but does he have the overall skill set to be an NFL starter?
Commings Sanders has the size and physicality that teams love, but does he have the overall skill set to be an NFL starter?Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Sanders Commings

Kansas City Chiefs

Fifth Round: 134th Pick

A few years ago it seemed as if Sanders Commings would be playing in the MLB rather than the NFL. However, Commings was committed to football at the University of Georgia and that has turned into a likely selection at the 2013 NFL draft.

Let's take a look at Commings' scouting report and break down his NFL outlook.



At first glance, Commings looks more like a safety than a cornerback. At 6'0" and 216 pounds, Commings has the size to be an extremely physical cornerback in the NFL.

His physicality really shows up on tape, too. He does a fantastic job when in press coverage bumping receivers off their routes. He's also got great hands and the ability to extend from his frame to make a play on the ball.



While Commings' size is a strength, it is also a weakness. His size limits his quickness where he isn't effective playing off the line of scrimmage in man coverage.

He needs to improve his overall footwork and his instincts aren't anywhere near elite. There are also off-field issues surrounding Commings' character and injury issues that teams will be concerned about.



For a man of Commings' size, he is still rather athletic. During the 2013 NFL combine, Commings produced a time of 4.41 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He also had a vertical jump of 34.5".

While neither of these results were top performances, they were still impressive for a cornerback as big as Commings. 



There are a few concerns revolving around Commings. For starters, a cracked fibula forced him to redshirt when he first got to Georgia.

On top of that, Commings was also arrested back in 2012 for domestic violence charges.



Commings was used mainly in press coverage when playing for the Bulldogs. 


Playing the Ball

With a background in baseball, Commings is surprisingly talented at playing the ball. He has decent hands and the ability to extend his arms and make plays away from his frame.

Commings is athletic enough to be a factor in 50-50 situations and jump balls. While he might not always get the interception, he does a good job at getting his hands on the ball and breaking up passes.


Against the Run

Commings shows aggressiveness when shedding blockers and making a play in the run game. However, he is too inconsistent with his effort and lacks in the instincts to be a real threat against the run.

He needs to improve his overall hustle to help a team with run support.



Where Commings really shines the most is in man coverage when he's playing right at the line of scrimmage. He can use his physicality to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage and be a hassle to opposing quarterbacks.

However, Commings lacks the quickness in his feet and fluidity in his hips to play off coverage. He bites too easily on routes and struggles to turn and run with receivers.



Didn't play much zone in college, but he lacks the awareness to be overly effective in zone coverage. He struggles to watch the quarterbacks eyes and simply doesn't have a good feel for the players around him.



When Commings can get a clean hit on an opponent he has the physicality to make a big hit. However, Commings struggles with consistency and hustle when asked to chase down the ball-carrier in both the run and pass game.



Commings overall technique needs to be improved for him to really make an impact in the NFL. He struggles with his backpedal and keeping his balance when asked to plant his foot and drive on the ball.

He does do a good job at breaking up passes, but it would be nice to see more of those passes turned into interceptions. Commings does have the athleticism to make up for his technique at times, but not consistently.


Future Role/Scheme Versatility

Until Commings improves his footwork it will be hard for him to play anything except press coverage in the NFL. Look for an NFL team to use Commings to help cover more physical receivers in the league.