IPL Day 1 Overview: End Of The Road For Sloggers In IPL 2?

bidwan baruahContributor IApril 18, 2009

What a start to the IPL with results of both the matches going the other way than expected.

Clearly, both the matches brought out couple of observations from the core of my cricketing brain.

Firstly, this IPL wont be a show of only boom-boom cricket but of technique and temperament. Which means it might be bad news for the Indian Domestic players specially the sloggers like Asnodkars who became big hits in the first season mostly due to the flat pitches.

The only way I see the Indian Domestic players being successful is that don't get frustrated if they are not able to connect a couple of consecutive deliveries and they need to learn to adapt quickly to the conditions where the ball is moving around a lot with a hint of bounce now and then.

For those who don't have technique, I am sorry its all over for them; the quicker the team management send them home the better it is for them. So does it mean, Kaif would be called back? The answer might be, Yes!

And, for all those greats who missed out in the season 1, who knows this might be the season for them.

Secondly, the toss in the second match might turn out to be crucial with the ball moving a lot under lights. Without doubt batting second at night is not going to be easy for all the matches to be held at Capetown.

As far as the pitches in Durban and Johannesburg are concerned I see the same story. Durban which is very near to sea is better known as 'the green mamba' because of its help to the seamers and Johannesburg is always a first-bat pitch. 

So, an intruiging day of IPL with two of the four all time batting gaints of India shining, would the third and fourth do the same tomorrow? lets wait and see.

Before I sign off, tributes to Dravid for playing an excellent 20-20 innings in the difficult of situations and conditions. Truly, a great Test player is a great player whatever might be the format of the game!