Toronto Maple Leafs: Nine Tips for the Media

Michael ForbesCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

With upwards of 30 reporters covering the Leafs, I think we can all agree that there certainly couldn't be much more coverage. To put that in perspective, the entire media contingent covering Queen's Park (the Province of Ontario's legislature) totals out at 31 reporters.

In addition to having their own TV channel, the Leafs are the lead item on each and every TSN and Sportsnet broadcast. Each paper has columnists and staff reporters covering the team. There are lunchtime radio broadcasts devoted to all things blue and white.

Then there are the comments at the Globe and Mail, filled by people who seem to spend more time complaining about the amount of Leaf coverage than they do cheering for their own teams.

The quantity is unarguably there, but the quality side seems to be a bit lacking. How hard is it for a reporter or editorial staff to use a search function to scan the NHL CBA? How many times are reporters going to miss that both Tucker and McCabe have NMCs?

If the media are unsure about a no-movement clause, why not phone the NHLPA or ask the agent or player? Isn't that one of the benefits of being a trained professional with full access to sources?

That said, I do feel some sympathy for the media who cover the Leafs. There's so much competition in this town (and with this team) that I can't imagine the pressure they're under from their editors and producers to cultivate sources and land big scoops.

Still, given the pressures and competition, it's hard to believe the amount of misinformation, poor fact checking, and general lack of imagination that permeates so much of the Leafs media coverage.

I'd like to think with their access, the reporters who file day in day out on all things Leaf might be able to come up with something more compelling than who's wearing the red jersey at practice, fake trade rumors, or faux panic over the lack of formal job interviews conducted by MLSE.

Rather than just bitch and moan about the state of Leaf coverage, here are nine ideas off the top of my head that I'd love to see followed-up by those who cover hockey and/or the Leafs.


1. More first person source reporting.

One of my favorite articles last year was a Brian Burke first-person diary during the trade deadline. Could we get something similar from anyone at MLSE? Please?

If not, I'd settle for any first-person insight at the GM level.


2. Use your access to really take readers behind the scenes.

The consensus is that the Leafs need to hold on to their draft choices and draft wisely. Can fans maybe get a profile (or two or three) of the Leaf scouts who will be helping make the decisions on draft day? What gems have they discovered? What do their peers on other clubs think of them? What's the hierarchy in the scouting department, and how do draft day decisions get made?

Maybe a day in the life of a Leaf scout...or a day in the life of a top OHL prospect.

Gare Joyce's work on this was great stuff and surely demonstrated there's an audience for it. Wouldn't it be nice to get a bit more on these kids than Don Cherry and four or five of the top ranked 18 year olds passing around a microphone during a 45 second spot on HNIC?


3. Stop telling us what Leaf fans think.

Leafs Nation is not a homogeneous entity. Fans do not think with one mind. Even if Leaf fans did all agree, would anyone care? Moreover, it's a lazy literary device at best and completely misleading at worst.


4. Help the fans get insight from coaches.

The Leafs have the worst PK in the league, and it's killing them. When was the last time anyone saw an interview with the special teams coach, or even with Maurice, where the Leafs approach to the PK was analyzed? What's working, what's not?

Compare and contrast the Leafs' approach by interviewing special team coaches on more successful clubs. It doesn't have to be just the PK. There are issues of zone v. man-to-man defense, team toughness/ use of enforcers, the shoot-out, power play, adapting to opponents, etc.


5. Less of the trade rumor BS.

Before the trade deadline there were, what, maybe four trades in the NHL? Yet every columnist weighs in with trade rumor after trade rumor, none of which come true and none of which advance a story of any relevance.

And can someone fine Dreger every time he uses the questionable at best "Sources are saying..." approach? If he had to put a twoonie in a jar for every time he used it he could make a hefty-donation to a worthy cause.


6. More long form player profiles please.

Joe O'Connor has being doing this masterfully with retired players over at the National Post. Why not do it with the current or retired Leafs? (Or how about an update on Boyd Devereaux's record label?)


7. Help demystify the CBA.

This is one of the best posts I've seen on the matter. It's by a blogger, and it's more than a year old. Why can't newsrooms create similar content? How about top 10 CBA myths (e.g. players with NMC can't be bought out, injured players don't count against the cap, etc.).

Since the signing of the CBA, has the frequency of offer sheets to RFAs increased? What steps can clubs take to protect their RFAs (e.g. team initiated arbitration)? With Wellwood and Stajan as the Leafs main RFAs, what odds do agents and other insiders give that another club will tender them a contract? How does the fact that the Leafs traded their second round pick to Phoenix for (gulp!) Perreault, limit their ability to tender RFA offer sheets?


8. More on the Big Picture.

Where does Leafs management sit on the Moneyball vs. "Intangibles" spectrum? I've read great stuff about the San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets innovative use of statistics. What are the Leafs up to? What do they make of this?

On another topic: How does player development work, why is Buffalo so amazing at it, and what are the Marlies doing to help develop Leaf prospects?


9. More on the Business of Sport.

What has the impact of moving the farm club to Toronto been? What do players who played both in St. John's and at the Ricoh think of the move?

Crunch the numbers. What has it meant for the salary cap being able to send guys across the street? Has it had any impact on the Leafs ability to recruit and retain management? With precedents in Chicago and Philadelphia is this a model we should expect to see more of? How does the Leafs system compare with clubs that don't have their own AHL affiliate?

On-glass advertising—are the Leafs for or against? Same goes with advertising on jerseys, where does MLSE stand?


As Leaf/hockey fans, I'd love to know what stories fans think they're missing out on and what type of reporting fans would like to see more of.

If you were the editor/producer for a day what would you tell your reporters to work on? Is there any reporter stand-out, who's a must-read for you?


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