Manchester City: A Stock Take Part 3

True BlueCorrespondent IApril 18, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 22:  Shaun Wright-Phillips congratulates Micah Richards of Manchester City on his goal during the Barclays Premiership match between Manchester City and Sunderland at the City of Manchester Stadium on March 22, 2009 in Manchester.  (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Never has a Manchester City team been so blessed with midfield and attacking talent.

Although I am too young to have appreciated the teams before the mid-70s, I am certain the depth of attacking options (when fit) has never been so impressive.

Unfortunately, injuries and attitude are getting in the way of seeing it in its full glory. Just think about the Portsmouth thrashing happening every week; are the players we have capable of that?

Nigel de Jong

New to the team but already showing glimpses of the quality he has.

Attitude is top class and has the ability to do the holding role well.

He gains an extra .5 on his score because he has consigned Hamann to the past.


Gelson Fernandes

A gamble was taken when he signed, and it hasn't paid off.

Can someone please tell him that he is allowed to pass it forward!

Energetic in a "don't know what the hell you are doing" sort of way.


Dietmar Hamann

He was a great player; "was" is the operative word.

He bought his way into the club under a previous manager and has at least had a decent financial return on that investment. City haven't.

The legs went years ago; I sincerely hope he follows them.


Michael Johnson

A real prospect who in less than 50 games has shown the world that we have a great player in the making.

Injury, attitude and substance abuse (apparently) followed, so let's hope he gets back to where he should be, in the first team.


Vincent Kompany

Another good buy who will fill the gaps left by the departing lesser lights of the squad.

His debut was truly fantastic, and if next season brings out those performances I will be well-pleased.



Brilliant, frustrating, world beating, woeful.

I'm falling on the lower rating, as it just hasn't happened often enough and we all know why.


Kelvin Etuhu

Young and energetic, inexperienced and naive but there is some hope he will develop, but I don't think he will get the chance as hes not close enough to the finished article to stay on.

Last year, he would have got a contract extension though, but not now.


Stephen Ireland

Last year's Marmite player and this year's player of the year.

If any player proves what hard work and the right attitude can do to a career then he is the one.

Professes to be hurt by every defeat, and I believe him.

He's still young as well so we have just found a player who could be the best of the best.

Apparently, he was about to be sold to Sunderland for a couple of mill, so I reckon we owe Hughes a massive thank you for stopping that.

If I had to choose between Kaka and Ireland, it wouldn't be an easy choice, 'nuff said.


Martin Petrov

A season out does mean he should leave.

Pace and drive to get into the team.


Shaun Wright-Phillips

The return of a hero often ends up in disappointment but SWP, or Sweep as he is known, came back whilst young enough and at just the right time.

We never wanted him to go, and he admits that his spiritual home is City.

Welcome back Sweep, and please don't go again.



Jo rhymes with no.



One of the most talented players I have ever seen play, but not hitting the heights often enough.

When I watched Elano and Robinho play at the Emirates for Brazil, I just saw what we could have and wanted more.

£32.5m is a lot of money for about 12 performances, but next year will hopefully be different with more quality around him.


Craig Bellamy

This year's leading nominee for the Marmite award.

Energy and a will to win are sadly lacking in many players, but not him.


Valeri Bojinov

A real talent and some tiny glimpses of what we have sadly lacked this season.

More to come and a good buy at the price if he gets fit.


Felipe Caicedo

A young player with scope to improve but likely to be shown the door.

He has the chance to be the new Goat, not quality but goals and misses galore.


Ched Evans

Chedwyn (and that really is his full first name) will likely be cast out into the Championship next year and in truth that's where he needs to play.

Strong on the ball but not tall enough to be a target man, a good eye for the goal but not quick enough.

Better than Paul Moulden and Lee Bradbury, but in the same style.

Sorry, not my cup of tea.


Benjani Mwaruwai

Benny, ever the happy footballer with the laid-back attitude.

Certain to frustrate and entertain in equal measure.

Likely to leave as there are many better players who can be recruited, and they will be.


Daniel Sturridge

He has been chased by Chelsea and other clubs but wants to stay as long as he gets the £65k per week he wants.

Sorry, Danny, but that's what you pay a player when he's proven it, and you haven't.

Flashes of the talent, but also plenty of evidence that he isn't developing beyond the promising level.

I would keep him on if his salary requests are more in line with reality.


Darious Vassel

No doubt aware of the move to the Championship (or Hull) that waits.

I liked his energy, but he always left you expecting more was to come.

I will be sad to see him go.


The Fans

The worst part of the season is the fact that we were offered hope.

For years, we have (quite literally) been the poor relations in the EPL, but not now.

Loyal, not vocal enough and becoming impatient...perhaps rightly.

Lets accept that this season was the start of something and next season is one where we can start to pass judgment, but this season is too early.

What we had against Hamburg is the least we should give the team, as long as the effort is there.

As ever, though, the fans are 10/10.


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