Ski Jump Streaker Slips and Bites It During Epic Run on Course

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

Warning: Video contains naked streaker butt and flashes of snow-shrunk genitalia.

Because the only thing better than a streaker running through a sporting event is when a streaker runs through a sporting event and eats it.

Fans at the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica, Slovenia were treated to the latter of these streaking scenarios when a man dressed in nothing but socks and a beard sprinted into the course.

The streaker was free of security and appeared to be heading for the landing area when he slipped on a tarp and skidded out of control, biting it badly. The result was a stark naked Polish man spreadeagled for every fan to see, helicoptering a shirt (among other things) in the middle of an international sporting event. 

Officers were able to get the man under control and escorted him off the field with a crack full of powder.

Obviously, this is what they call “Monday” in Slovenia and a good laugh was had by all, especially by the skier in the red kit standing by the course exit.

One can only guess how the man came to the decision to strip down and hit the snow (wild guess: Wódka), but it is certainly the first time this author has ever seen a streaker at a winter sports event.  

What we do know is that this man had a dream and a pair of steely blue ones to pull of this stunt. And to that, we salute you, you crazy, bearded dreamer.


We're streaking down to the quad, everybody's doing it! Dr__Carson